The Forbidden Forest

October 10, 2012
Quiet and dark, but why? The person to figure this out, the answer to why, should get an award.

Anger he feels it. The rage he can't control. He runs from you to keep you safe, but why can't he see that when he runs he hurts you more? He's stabbing you in the heart and watching the blood drain from your veins.

In your dreams, he turns into a Blue rose. He leaves you crying. You see him again near a water fountain, he's carrying a Yellow rose. He's saying words you can't hear. You read his lips I'm sorry. You find yourself disappearing, walking deeper into a forest away from him and the water fountain.

Next, you find you are sitting in a rotten apple tree. He's calling your name and holding a pink rose.Please Believe me, He's crying. You don't want to get hurt again, so you jump out of the tree and run until you get to a lake. There is a little dock and a row boat tied to it with a book inside Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. You take the boat to the center of the lake and get lost in the book. He turns up in the book, holding yet another rose. A single White rose. He says he has changed, It'll be different. His promise is true this time he says. You take the rose and fall into the book with him. You are together again and he gives you a bouquet of Red roses. You smile.

Days pass in wonderland, and yet again you see the Queen of Hearts. The obstacle is back in your path. You aren't doing this again and decide it's time to end this storybook.

You set out and gather roses, you need two. They have to be perfect. He comes looking for you. He's mad that you left. You say you're done, You're not chasing this white rabbit any longer. No more games and You won't watch it anymore. He says there is nothing between them. You say goodbye. You didn't have time to find the roses.

You come out of your storybook and row the boat back to the dock and trudge deeper into the forest. There are two paths that you come to. One looks like the happiest path in the world, it turns your stomach. The other looks like it has come out of a horror movie. You pick the happy.

You find yourself home. You set out and buy roses in the flower shop beneath the apartment. You buy a Peach and a Black rose. You send them to him with a note saying thank You for the love and memories but it's time to say farewell. You lie in your room. You can feel the walls closing in. What did you do? Why did you say goodbye? You remind yourself of the pain he has caused you, then you question no more.

You wander back into the forest and he's waiting for you. In his hands is a Dark Pink rose. He Kisses you, Thank you, he whispers and disappears. He's happy and gone forever, but you'll see him around right? You cry. Your body starts convulsions. Your hands shake and you are screaming. The forest fades into black leaving you lying there on the ground in darkness with only the light of the Moon. You stop screaming, the crying fades and your body calms. It's quiet. A rose is growing up from the ground and is blooming. You realize his rose has always been there and has always been growing, you failed to notice it. It's Purple, eternal love. You love him and always will because he was the first to truly love you back despite his actions. A saying comes to mind. People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. And you realized no matter how hard you try this love was never meant to last. he was here to teach you that moving on hurts, but it's better than being stuck in the storybook where the Queen of Hearts yells "Off with her head."

You wake from your drams under the tree. Looking in front of you, you see the Purple rose.

Was it a Dream?~

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