Red Hair and Brown Eyes

October 7, 2012
By Anonymous

My first year of high school, I was scared out of my mind. My last class of the day, was science. I walked in and saw no one I particularly knew, so I took a seat beside my friend, Sydney. I never knew that taking that seat would change my days from then on. You walked in. You didn't look nervous at all. You stood out with your slim figure and how tall you were. But, most of all, it was your bright red hair. It was gorgeous. You saw me staring and smiled. My heart immediately increased. But, it was your eyes, that shocked me the most. Those big brown eyes, entranced me like no others had.

Weeks went on and I would try my best to muster up the nerve to even say hi and one day you did. From then on, we would have constant banter, but nothing important. But, it was important to me..

A couple days later, I was at lunch when all of a sudden, you were there. You smiled at me and said, "I've heard you wanted to talk to me?" I realized what had happened. Sydney had put him up to it after my constant talking about you. I said, "I've heard you've been wanting to talk to me too." You looked at me with your eyes and smiled the smile that made my body shiver all over. You talked with my other friends at the table, and before you left you touched my arm and said, "I'll give you something in science, okay?" My friend Kelly looked at me smiling, "You can stop blushing now."

A block later with my arm still tingling, I moved to science. All block, I watched you. And yet at the end of the block, you called me over and gave me your number. My cheeks hurts from smiling so much.

Later that day, I texted you and there was nothing. You weren't interested. You gave up. You never looked at me anymore. You never tried to make me smile. So, I stopped dreaming, I gave up. I moved on.

Weeks later, you came back. You flirted. You watched me. You asked about me. I put my heart into it.

Time's gone on. You still look at me with your big brown eyes. I still watch you with my green ones. But yet, I still can't call you mine.

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