A Love Predicament

October 4, 2012
By xshillu BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
xshillu BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
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A Love Predicament

Some people say love will always find you when you are not looking for it. As a young Indian woman I found this farfetched but not until I had finally met him.

The clear water was left still by the touch of the morning sun. “The perfect water.” I said to myself.
I bent over, scooped a bucket of water, looked into the water, and waited for the water to settle and to my surprise I saw a young woman looking back at me. Small brown eyes with angled eyebrows; cheek bones high as the sky, small full lips that completed a smile and a long braid tightly tucked in with a small bow; features that were so small but that made such a difference. A diminutive child who once was running through the green fields, roaming the land looking for new adventures each day, however, as times goes on by, people change.
“I’m 20 years old and I still get yelled at by mom… Coming!”
I grabbed the bucket of water and scuttled away from my reflection and up the old stairs to the house, scurrying through all the greenery around me. But before I could even make it to the door step of the house, my mom was already waiting for me.
I began to drag myself to her; head flopped down while taking small steps.
“Here Priya, let me take the water. We have special guests coming our way. Hurry up, tiddy yourself up a little bit.”
I asked no questions and began to make my way to my room. I looked into the mirror and added the infamous red dot unto my forehead, and perfected my braid, feeling beautiful as ever I twirled and left the room.
“Priya! The guests are here, go serve them tea. They are very important guest so be polite!”
My mom nearly gave me a heart attack. I took the tray of tea and cookies and proceeded to the guests. I found a middle aged couple and a young man of to the right of them, he was quite handsome. I greeted them with a smile, set the tray down and walked into a small corner. My mother soon came into the room, her eyes twinkling with joy. She was wearing one of her nicer gowns, I had never seen her so happy like this before.
“This tea is excellent!” said the older man.
Oh don’t thank me; it was Priya who made the tea!” My mom said while pointing to my direction.
I flushed pink, and smiled to myself. I could see the young man smiling in my direction. I blushed even harder and giggled.
“Ah yes, what are you studying my dear.” He said while sipping his tea.
“I’m going to America in a couple of days for my higher studies in order to become a nurse.” I said shyly.
“Your mom had told me this. I suppose this means we have to delay the wedding till later...”
Everything in the room felt like it had stopped. My heart was racing; I could not handle what I had just heard and ran out the door and into my room.
“Wedding?” I muttered to myself. “But I’m too young, this is happening so quickly, I’m going to college in a couple days, this can’t be happening. No I’m not even ready for this kind of commitment.”
In sudden shock I ran to my room and shut it tight and laid flat on my bed soaking the pillows with my tears. I heard a knock on my door, and felt a soft touch on my shoulder.
“Priya, I’m so sorry for not telling you about this. I wanted to tell you sooner, but I felt like it was time to. Please forgive me; I only want what’s best for you.”
“Mom, I don’t even know who that guy is. I just want to find love on my own.”
“The young man is studying to become a doctor; it doesn’t get any better than that. Just listen to my words. If your father was here, he would be so proud. Just listen.”
I stopped weeping for a moment, and tears started pouring down my face even faster like a water fall.
“You’re right, dad would be very happy for me.”
My father had passed away three years ago in a terrible car accident while driving to work. He had always supported me in everything I did and gave me time to think through, while my mom liked to push things on me.
“And remember, you are going to America for your higher studies; So just forget about it for a little bit, the wedding will be delayed for awhile.
I wanted to argue with her so badly, but I held it in. For I did not want to cause controversy while we had guests. So I just shook my head and listened to her.
“Come on, we can’t have our guests waiting like this.” My mom said trying to cheer me up.
I wiped away the faded tears and walked back into the living room, as if nothing had even happened. The young couple again smiled at me, but their son had his head down like he was timid to see me.
“Sorry about that, we just had to get a little more tea and cookies.” My mom said happily.
I rolled my eyes. But she just gave me a smug smile.
“Well then we must be off then. It was a pleasure seeing you, and finally meeting you,” said the father.
“You as well!” my mom said while escorting our guests to the door.
As the door shut, my mom came to my and put both of her hands on my face.
“See that wasn’t so bad.”
“I guess...”
“Would you like dinner?”
“No I just want to go to bed and pack. Night mom.”
She hugged me and left the room. I made my way to my room and laid on my bed, thinking of all the things that have happened today.
“So many things to do but with such little time…” I thought to myself. And with that thought, I soon fell into a deep slumber and slept a dreamless sleep.

The author's comments:
A young Indian woman is growing up, finally having her dreams come true to go to America for her higher studies. Little does she know that her mom is secretly having an arranged marriage for her but isn't ready for that type of commitment. PART 1.

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Lizzy31 SILVER, Lkow, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Everything that is beautiful is not always good but everything that is good is always beautiful

hey, i liked it.  are you an indian?  

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