A Fallen Hero

September 23, 2012
By lorex34 BRONZE, Kalispell, Montana
lorex34 BRONZE, Kalispell, Montana
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"Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets." -Arthur Miller

The night was black, moonlight blocked by the thick clouds that had accumulated throughout the day, only the light of the occasional window beaming down upon the otherwise dark stretch of road. Smog drifted upon the cold, crisp night air, its poisonous sting piercing her nose, filling her lungs. Her bag swung beside her as she strolled down the cracked sidewalk, a black purse filled with her necessities, her secrets, her hopes, and her dreams. Dreams that would so very suddenly be changed. A brick wall stood menacingly on her right, its surface stained by the graffiti that was scrolled upon its otherwise indistinguishable, repetitive pattern. The silence of the night stabbed at her ears and she jumped as a crow cried out, its call originating from its perch on a tree across the cracked, barren street. A tree that towered over the gravestones below it, filling the courtyard, each courtyard backed by a duplicate, making up the silent graveyard. A rickety, rust hued metal fence provided the barrier for the lost souls that wandered between the graves, whether alive or the dead, keeping them inside. The rusty gate creaked on its hinges as a cold breeze floated down the silent street, bringing goosebumps to her arms. She pulled her coat closer to her body, its warm fabric bringing her comfort, for the street was menacing and cold, the courtyard seeming to be in anguished anticipation, waiting for its next wanderer. Lights burned at her eyes as she rounded the corner, a gas station midway down the block brought a luminescence to the twilight of the street. A small, red car sat in the parking lot, stopped in the space closest to her and, as the door opened, a man stepped out, his blond hair gleaming in the glaring light, his smile sparkling as he saw her. He raised his hand, waving in her direction, beckoning her across the silent street. She continued up the rolling sidewalk as a raindrop splashed upon her shoulder, dampening her shirt, bursting as it came to the earth. Then another screamed into the concrete, and more followed until they came down in sheets, beating upon the earth, soaking everything within reach. She was parallel with the convenience store now, her boyfriend still waiting, looking up into the heavens as drops covered his skin, soaking his shaggy hair. He brought his eyes back to her and their gaze met, his beckoning her to him and the warmth of his tiny Honda. She stepped out onto the pavement, its rough surface gripping the sole of her sneaker, water penetrating its outer layer, soaking her sock. Her hair was dripping now, hanging loosely at her shoulders, clothes clinging to her body, socks spongy as she placed her weight upon them. Suddenly a ringing called from her bag and she stopped, bending down, digging through its masses, searching for the vibrating phone. A call rang out from the night, muffled by the pounding rain and she glanced up from her digging hand, only to be blinded by two very white lights, burning her eyes. Her arm flew from the bag, shielding her eyes as she stared in horror at the source, a car that bellowed towards her. Time seemed to slow, the rain pausing in its path towards earth, horn shrieking, though she was frozen, muscles non-reactive, paralyzed with fear. Something hit her from the side, its force jolting her back to life, throwing her to the pavement, its gravel tearing at the skin on her bare arms as she slid across it. It burned at her hands, blood flowing freely from the exposed flesh on her limbs, mixing with the rain that flowed in steady torrents of water. A thud echoed through the night and something was thrown into the dark air, flipping upwards and floating as it reached its peak, a rough 20 feet above the slick pavement. Tires screeched as they peeled out, the car speeding away, drifting around the corner. She pulled herself to her knees, hands still burning, hair soaked and muddy from the collected dirt that was now soaked with hydration, blood flowing down her arms as she lifted her hands. Pink flesh stared back at her, covered by muck and blood, though it was quickly diminished as the rain streamed down her palms. A groan echoed from the lump that laid upon the street as she pulled herself to her feet, though it didn’t comprehend, her head still spinning, adrenaline still pumping freely through her veins. She looked towards the gas station, searching for her boyfriend. Then the curtain rose. She ran to the body that laid upon the pavement, screaming his name, falling to her knee’s as she reached him, dirt driving itself deeper into her stinging wounds. He laid, crumpled, broken upon the pavement, staring up into the rain as it beat upon his lifeless body. His legs were twisted, bones sticking through his soggy jeans, blood pooling around him, his back stretched and mangled. Tears rushed to her eyes and poured from her lids, wasted upon his already drenched body, sobs choking in her throat. Her body shuttered as she stared upon him, no longer stifling the cries. His head slowly turned, a groaning from deep inside issuing as he did so, turquoise eyes catching hers. She grabbed his bloody hands, his rough skin torn from the pavement, the mud on hers stinging them both, though they were oblivious to the striking pain. She clutched at his fingers as he stared up at her, sobs shaking her body, hands trembling within his. He coughed, and, in a raspy voice whispered something, words drowned by the pounding of the rain. She leaned her head closer, grasping at his words, stricken with fear. “Damn cell phones,” he hissed, choked laughter issuing from the girls lips as she looked down upon his helpless body. “Why would..” her voice cracked, more tears flowing from her eyes as the sob overtook her. “I’m so wet,” he whispered, coughing, blood gurgling between his pale lips. “Ya, me too.” She muttered, a smile playing across her lips as she looked down into his loving eyes, her hands still covering his. The rain seemed to slow at his command, a patch of sky opening up above them, an entryway to the sky, and whatever was beyond. He was silent for a moment as he stared up at the stars, her hair dripping down upon his body, his blond strands peeled back, clutching at the street. She looked up and was astounded by the beauty of the heavens, for the smog of the factories usually blocked them from view. Her eyes fell back to him and she found him watching her, his strong gaze causing her eyes to once again fill with hot tears. “I love you, babe.” He said, and his hands tightened around hers and then falling loose, his eyelids falling closed, his rasping breaths ceasing their rhythm. She kneeled beside his lifeless body, stunned, unable to believe that he was gone. Then it hit her, waves of grief crashed upon her mind, as relentless waves upon a rainwashed beach. Her head sank to his chest, tears pouring from her eyes, harder than before, sobs overcoming her trembling body. “I love you.”

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