Clara's Gift

September 23, 2012
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It all started out on a warm summer morning. I was staying the night at my friend’s house and we did what most girls do at slumber parties. The only thing that is different was that we were NOT like most girls. We spent most of our time helping people. When we got together on Friday nights we looked at the newspaper articles and see what charity events were going on that weekend. So on this particular summer morning we decided to go on a walk and see what help we could do from there.

Before we went on the walk we always take some of our extra change just in case we need it for donations. There happened to be at least three people who need the donations. One of them was some weird homeless guy. The second person was a little boy who had Lung disease. The last person was an old lady wearing tattered clothes. She said she has heard about us with all of the charity work we have been doing, and she didn’t have time to ask us to come help her raise money for her family.

So we said what we usually said, “Yes”.
So after we agreed she told us the rest of the details. We could not take any one but the two of us. You will have to give up your phone when you walk into the building and get it back when you leave. I was confused at the phone part until she explained that it was one that you had to give up electronics for the day. She said it would be a week from today which would be next Saturday.

After we were done with our walk, we went to visit my favorite aunt, Aunt Celia. She loves us and we love her. She was the one who taught us to help each other no matter what stands in front of you. She welcomed us in with a big bear hug. She asked us how our day was and what new challenges we got. We told her about the walk with the weird homeless person, the poor little boy with lung disease, and a strange old lady.

We went on talking about how the family is doing and the new charities for what seemed an hour or so. After we were done talking I looked at the time and said that we should be going. So we said our good byes and gave each other hugs and got out the door in time to see my biggest crush ever. His name is… JOSH. He is the cutest guy that is in our grade. Have I also ever mentioned that I get really shy around him? Eventually Lucy pulled me away from the door or more like prying me from the door like a nail.

We ended up walking along with him because he was just so happening to walk that same direction. So I couldn’t just stand there and not do anything. The only thing there was to do was talk. I only talked to him when he talked to me. I was only hoping he wasn’t going to talk to me. The only problem was he wasn’t a very quite person.

I just wished my house were closer because this is feeling like it is going to take a whole hour just to get back.
Just as we were about back to my house he asked me “How come I never talk to me?”
And just like that I froze trying to find the right answer.
Of course I wasn’t thinking when I said, “Because I don’t have anything to say that you would want to talk about.”
That was probably the most stupid thing you could say to a guy you had a crush on.
So I just smiled and quickly ran away from the awkward scene. At least my house was only down the street. Once I got inside I didn’t realize that Lucy quickly followed me into the house. Of course this meant she was probably going to give me the TALK she gives when this stuff happens.
“Why did you just leave like that? He looked kind of upset.” Lucy always give me the tone of what did you do that for voice.

“Well, I just felt stupid for saying that and wanted to get out of the way before I said something even more stupid.”
The only thing on my mind at that point was out of all of the problems I get, why does my biggest crush have to be the hardest?

For the next couple of days I just kept on thinking about the question Josh asked me and why did he want to know so badly. Whenever I saw Lucy she would ask if I talked to him yet.
“Lucy, why do you want me to ask him so badly? It’s not like it matters to him. I mean why would he like me out of all the other girls at school?”
“Maybe because he is your neighbor and you see him every day, he knows about all of the good stuff you do, and most of all he knows you like him.” Lucy said in a know it all tone.
Just to mention I did not want you to know that he lived next door.
“How does he know I like him?” I asked in a nervous tone.
“Well we could start at that one time you accidently sent him a text that was supposed to go to me. Or all of the times you flirt with him and not even know you are doing it.” She said that in a sarcastic tone.
Okay maybe all of that stuff is true and I sort of knew I was flirting.
“Why can’t we just get ready to leave for the charity?”
As we were walking she kept on gossiping about the latest news she heard and whether or not I was going to ask.

We got there in about twenty minutes and handed our phones to her and she lead us to a room in the basement of an old building.
As we walked in there I felt something was wrong. Then it hit me that this wasn’t an event at all.
“Where is everyone?” Lucy asked nervously.
The lady started to laugh an evil kind of laugh. “This isn’t a real charity! This is a room you won’t be leaving for a while!”
At that moment I started to run, Lucy was so shocked to run she just stood there with no expression whatsoever. As I was about to get out the door she took one strong swing against my head and I fell over.
“Silly girl,” and then she left and locked the door.
Lucy ran over to me as fast as she could. “Clara, are you okay?”
I couldn’t say anything because I felt so dizzy. Then the world went black.
Lucy sat there staring at me in horror. Then she heard someone familiar coming near the small window. It was Josh!! She ran to the window and banged on it until he finally looked down.
“Lucy??” Josh asked in awe.
The glass was sound proof so she remembered the sign language we all learned in class. She motioned HELP US!! He looked confused at the word us, until he saw me lying on the floor. He tried to break the glass but couldn’t so he had to decide whether or not to go get help.
Right when he turned around with his phone in his hand the lady was there but she didn’t look old.
She got Josh and threw him in the same room as us.
“Nice work.” Lucy said in a sarcastic voice.
Then he ran to me and asked, “What happened?”
Lucy replied, “ She was trying to run when the lady hit her and knocked her out.”
Then out of nowhere I woke up. “Are you all right?” Josh said it in a worried voice.
Still in shock all I could do was nod, then I did the only thing I could do, Sleep.
I woke up to find the two of them sleeping in different corners. I looked around the room. It was just like the one in the dream. In the dream I could open things with my mind. I was so bored I imagined doing it for real.
As I was staring at the door I heard a click. I quickly sat up and woke them up. “Watch.”
I stared at the door as I focused on the knob it started to turn, then it opened and no one was there.
“How did you do that?” They asked it in unison.
“ I don’t know, or care. I just want to get out of here.”
Just as I got up to run I felt Josh pull me back.
“ Wait, do you here that?”
Then out of nowhere she appeared and I felt Josh pull me back behind him. “Well done Clara, you finally figured out what was so special about you.” She said it mysteriously.
“I don’t know what you mean.”
We just stared at each other waiting for answers.
“OH, you didn’t know you had the powers to open things with your mind? That is a very rare gift you know. You can open up anything for instance you can open up someone’s mind to know what their thinking or to control them.”
“You see, I am just like you, the only difference is I’m evil.” She stepped forward and so did I.
I didn’t seem to have control over my body.
“If you take my hand you can take over all of the land you want.” She started to hypnotize me by singing and reaching out her hand to me.
Josh yelled “No!!” and pushed me away, Lucy lunged toward the evil lady and that’s when the ground seemed to crack.
Was I controlling this? Soon there was a hole to a fiery place and as Lucy pushed her she fell down that hole destroying her hopes of ruling. I was happy to know that it was the end of her and so did Lucy and Josh as they high fived each other.
Then it hit me, Josh did like me and I liked him. As he turned to me to make sure I was okay, I started to feel dizzy and sleepy. All I remember was him. He was rushing to me yelling my name as I fell asleep and as the world went dark.

When I awoke I was in my bed and Josh was sitting next to me holding my hand smiling.
I told him why I never talked to him, “ I was scared that you wouldn’t like me.”
He answered with this, “That is the wrong answer the right one is the one is where you aren’t afraid to tell me anything.”
I smiled a warm smile.
The question that came after was one of my most favorite questions, “Clara, would you like to go out on a date Friday night??”
There was only one answer, “Why would I say No?”

There is one more thing that was on my mind. I couldn’t let it sit inside my mind forever.
So I asked them to do me a favor, “ We can never speak of that night again!”
They answered in unison, “Agreed”.
We did not speak about this unless I brought it up, the world should not know about my little special gift.

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Sabers30 said...
Oct. 6, 2012 at 5:27 pm
I love this!!! Didn't you use this for your LA story last year because I remember you letting me use this. :)
ktdolphin14 replied...
Oct. 7, 2012 at 12:49 pm
Ya I used it for L.A. but I put a lot of effort in it...i thought  it was Pretty good for being one of my first pieces!
Sabers30 replied...
Oct. 7, 2012 at 6:25 pm
I love it! I can totally tell that you put a lot of work into it. And it's not pretty good is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
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