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September 30, 2012
By D.Sonia BRONZE, Calgary, Other
D.Sonia BRONZE, Calgary, Other
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Sometimes things aren’t what they seem. The world doesn’t always work according to you. If only God just paid attention to one of us, if he only paid attention to me, maybe what happened wouldn’t have. I wouldn’t have made the stupidest mistake in my life by falling in love with a loser. Everything would be perfect. Don’t they say no one’s perfect? Well they lie, I knew someone who was totally perfect… for me.
You’ll stay right here, the voice echoed in my head. Tears rolled down my cheek one by one; seemingly in a pattern.
“Caleb we shouldn’t do this. I have to go back,” I whimpered. I glanced over at my best friend. His eyes were steady and determined. When you looked at them you’d see a spectrum of colors. I sat on the soil beneath me with my legs tucked into my chest. I couldn’t stop weeping. Caleb pulled me up from the ground and took me into a hug. My body shook in his arms.
“I’m not going to let you suffer. Look what he’s done to you,” Caleb muttered. His voice was gentle but at the same time angry. “You know I love you.” My sobs started to get louder. Caleb had just told me earlier today for the first time that he loved me.
“Why couldn’t you have told me earlier? Why did you make me go through all this?” I cried. I banged my fists against his chest. I buried my head in his chest seeking safety and comfort.
“I’m sorry Chloe. I just didn’t know how you’d react.”
“He’ll kill both of us. Alex will kill us,” I whispered in Caleb’s ear. It seemed dramatic but it simply wasn’t, it was just my first instinct. As much as I didn’t want to admit, Alex was my boyfriend. He was my over-protective, jealous and suspecting boyfriend. When I had first met him, he had seemed perfect on the outside but once I got to know him, I realized his real personality. He didn’t want me spending time with Caleb; my only friend. He wanted me under his control forever. If I didn’t listen he would abuse me. “A seventeen year old girl shouldn’t have to go through this Caleb!”
“I won’t let anything happen to you Chloe, I promise.” Caleb pulled me in closer. So close that I could smell the shampoo’s scent in his caramel hair.
“You don’t think he’ll find us do you?” I questioned.
“I don’t know. It’s Alex Moore we’re talking about. He doesn’t even want us to talk on text. Now he knows that you ran away with a guy who loves you. I can only expect the worst,” Caleb lectured. All I wanted was a simple ‘no’ but then again it was Caleb Lewis who I was talking to. Caleb softly let go of me and turned my body around.
“Alex,” I gasped. It was the same Alex Moore I left my family for; Caleb for. A beige colored artist cap covered his pitch black hair and forest green eyes.
“Chloe Walker and Caleb Lewis, you’ve both made a big mistake. One you’ll regret you’re whole life.” I saw Caleb slide his cell-phone out from his pocket and dial a number. He didn’t say anything into the phone which seemed suspicious to me.
“You can’t harm her,” Caleb said.
“Come on Caleb, we’re in the middle of Berlington Forest alone and I have a gun. What do you think will happen? You’ll body go home safe? Look around, there’s not a single soul here to save you.” Alex took a pistol out of his pocket. Just then Caleb cut his phone.
“Alex don’t you touch him. This is between us, leave him alone.”
“He’s just as involved as we are,” Alex argued. “You love her don’t you?”
“I love her,” Caleb said proudly. The gun went off. A bullet struck Caleb’s stomach; he knew this was going to happen.
“Caleb don’t be an idiot,” I cried. “He’ll do the same to you what he’s done to me.” I skimmed my bruised faced. Bruises, cuts and scars all decorated my face. Caleb looked at me with a flustered expression.
“You think expressing my love is being idiotic? Well it’s not. I’m not being an idiot. I’m just telling the truth.” Alex shut his eyes tightly and shot again, this time it hit his shoulder. I stood in front of Caleb.
“You’ll have to go through me to harm him,” I warned.
“I’ll gladly accept your offer,” he smirked. Right before he was about to shoot, Caleb came in front of me.
“Chloe, the police should be coming soon. You can’t get hurt alright? Please Chloe, believe in me. Believe what I’m doing is right,” he said quietly enough so Alex couldn’t hear. ”I can die for you.” He smiled his goofy, lop-sided smile. I was tempted to smile along with my best friend, but I stopped myself.
“Please don’t Alex, I beg you.” Alex pulled the trigger one last time and shot Caleb’s back.
“I love you Chloe,” were the last words that escaped Caleb’s lips. He fell forward into my arms.
“Caleb!” I shouted. I tried to make him stand once again. As soon as I laid him on the floor I heard the police’s sirens. I didn’t care what they were doing; I just wanted my Caleb to wake up again.
“The kids are this way,” a police officer said.
“Caleb wake up! The police are taking him away Caleb, we’re alright now. Caleb please wake up,” I cried. I shook his head desperately from side to side. I lifted him up and pressed him against my chest. “Caleb I love you.”
It’s been five whole years today. The doctors told me five years ago that I’ve slid into depression and it’s hard for me to recover. They say I’m mental. I refuse to believe my Caleb is gone. I’m sure he’s just hiding from me. I know he’s always near me, he tells me he is. I’ll always wait for him because he told me he’s mine and I'm his.

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