Destiny Of A Life Together

September 28, 2012
By Maria_Narvaez SILVER, Dallas, Texas
Maria_Narvaez SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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As the daughter of an old man, Rose was destined to marry a rich, young man named Ivan. From Rose's dad's point of view, Ivan was the man his beloved daughter was going to spend the rest of her life with. Ivan's family had been friends with Rose's family since ages back. Ever since she was a little girl, Rose was told by her parents that one day she will marry Ivan. As Rose grew older, she was already frustrated with her parents' continuous desperation of her understanding who her husband was going to be. One evening as Rose sat by her porch thinking about her future, she saw a handsome young man wondering around her garden. She walked closer and asked him, "Who are you? ". The young man responded "I've worked with your family for a couple of years now ma'am". Rose asked curiously "How come i had never seen you before?". He said "maybe because I've been hiding from you for my embarrassment". She asked "why is that?". He whispered "For Your Beauty". They both spent the rest of the afternoon talking about Rose's life. Rose had never felt so secure with anyone else. As Rose revealed hoe she didn't want to marry Ivan because of her insecurity beside him, the young man suggested for her to run away with him. Rose was surprised, yet enchanted with the idea of leaving the constant reminders of her parents' so she rapidly accepted the man's suggestion. That same night, was the night before the day settled for Ivan & Rose's matrimony, but Rose packed her bags and left with the young man. The next morning, as Melinda and Francisco, Rose's parents, looked for their daughter to take her to the altar, they realized her disappearance. Rose confessed the young man that she was falling in love with him as he saved her from an eternity of despair. The young man confessed to her "I am Ivan, the man destined to marry you!". Before Rose could escape from the shock and was able to say a word, he pulled out a ring and said "now you know the real me and I know the real you. Will you marry me?". Rose's eyes were watery, her hands were shaking and her face was pale, yet she held a smile on her face. After a long pause, she said "I'd be glad to marry the guy that showed me the perfect destiny that maybe I wouldn't have chosen! ". They rushed back to Rose's house and spread the word to everyone that the wedding was still on. Eventually, Rose walked down the aisle and the priest pronounced Rose & Ivan husband and wife. The End.

The author's comments:
This piece Was Written To Show Irony, But Specially Fait.

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I loved your story and I hope to see more great writes in the future

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