Coyote Comfort

September 17, 2012
By Blaize BRONZE, Snohomish, Washington
Blaize BRONZE, Snohomish, Washington
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"Every child has a secret. Some are deeper then you may think." -me

Kokoro sighed as she threw on her shirt and walked over to the window, opening the curtains, and looking for a certain coyote. Today was Monday, and every Monday she would see a pure white coyote out her window after dressing. It was the only thing that kept her from running and screaming. She always seemed more calm when she saw the coyote, and she needed to be calmed. After what happened at the party last night, there is no telling what might happen at school today.

Much to her dismay though, the coyote wasn't there. Closing her eyes, she backed away from the window closing the curtain, and continuing her morning routine.

Fifteen minutes later, she was waving goodbye to her mother, and standing directly in front of Hell. Well, the only Hell she knew, school. Taking a deep breath, and putting on a brave face, she began the perilous journey into the school building.

As expected, she ran into trouble as soon as she got inside, literally. Watching her papers fly everywhere, she dropped to the ground and started to pick them up. Naturally, the first words she said before she looked up, were "I'm sorry."

"You better be you b****. I saw you at the party last night, and let this be a warning. If I EVER see you talking to my boyfriend again, you WILL regret it," the head cheerleader sneered waiting for a response. To a passerby it would sound like shes overreacting, but anyone who went to the party understands perfectly.

See, last night she was talking to this boy, and this kid pushed her into him. Scared, her first reaction was to jump away, but then she tripped over someone else and fell hitting her head. The boy, who is apparently the cheerleader's boyfriend, took sympathy and helped her up, leading her to the kitchen to get a drink. The cheerleaders had a fit and starting yelling at her, and Amaya her only friend stepped in, hitting one of the cheerleaders, starting a big fight. Three cheerleaders got broken noses, and one a broken leg. Everyone except Amaya seemed to blame her.

"...are you even listening to me?"

Snapping out of her thoughts immediately, Kokoro nodded, apologized, and as the late bell rang, ran to her first class. Taking her usual seat, next to her only friend, she opened her books and waited for class to begin.

The rest of the day seemed to pass by without anymore mistakes on Kokoro's behalf, which was rare. So of course, she would be wearing a proud smile as she walked into the cafeteria. Looking back on it now she almost wishes she didn't. Almost.

"Someones looking cocky today," said one cheerleader, walking up to her.

"Maby a little to cocky. Should we fix that?" another asked.

"Of course. Its people like her that don't belong here," the first replied with a smirk.

Before Kokoro could even get a word in, she was surrounded by viscous looking cheerleaders. Taking a step back she looked around for Amaya, before mentally kicking herself. Her friend was in lunch detention for starting a fight the other day. She should have known better then come into the cafeteria without her friend, and bodyguard. Lost in thought, she almost didn't notice the cheerleaders coming closer.

At least, she didn't notice until one smacked her. She was about to cry out for help, when something white and fluffy flew past her, knocking all the cheerleaders to the ground. She wanted to see what the fluffy thing was, but she was to scared. Bursting into tears, she ran from the cafeteria, through the halls, and out of the school. Then she ran into the forest, not even remembering her deathly fear of the woods. She just kept running.

Unfortunately, running and crying at the same time, is not the smartest idea. Not seeing a stray tree branch, she tripped tumbling to the ground. Her leg hurt, and she couldn't move it. Sobbing into the grass she cursed herself for not watching where she was going. She was about to scream for help when something licked her hand. Looking up, she widened her eyes in fear, for what seemed the thirteenth time today.

Standing in front of her, was a giant, white, coyote standing to at least 5 feet tall, on all fours. She knew immediately it was the one she saw out her window every morning. His eyes were such a deep blue, almost as if the skies themselves where in them. Before she could react, the coyote came closer slowly, as if it was afraid she would run, and licked a tear from her face. Crying even harder, and not even caring she had a fear of big animals, she grabbed bunches of the coyote's fur and hugged it, crying her eyes out. The coyote seeming comfortable, laid down letting the small girl cry into his fur until she fell asleep.

A few hours later, the girl half opened her eyes, awakening to a strange rocking motion. Confused, she opened her eyes the rest of the way, then gasped. She was being carried by a strange boy, that she never met in her life. Even though he looked familiar. She opened her mouth to scream when he looked down at her, cutting off any sound she was going to make.

This boy looked alto like her friend Amaya, and if it weren't for the fact he was a boy, she would of thought it WAS Amaya. Then she saw his eyes, and her breath was taken away. He had the same deep eyes as her coyote, but he couldn't be, could he? That was impossible! Gathering up all her courage, she spoke.

"W-who are you?"

"My name is Akira Mai, Amaya's twin brother," he replied, in an adorable British accent. What he said made sense, she new Amaya had a brother, she just never met him. It also explained way he looked like her friend.

"Okay. If it's alright to ask..w-why are you carrying me?" it was as good a question as any.

"I found you laying in the woods. It seems as though you sprained your ankle. You should be more care full," he murmured, gathering her into one arm. She was about to inquire why, when he suddenly jumped, landing perfectly in her bedroom window, which she left open this morning. Being gentle he carried her over and laid her on the bed, walking back to the window preparing to leave.

"NO!" she shouted, surprising bother herself and the boy. "I-I mean, please don't leave. I'm scared and my parent aren't home. I mean..if you don't mind?" Smiling, the boy sat on her bed and looked at her carefully.

"Okay, I'll stay. but tell me, how much do you know about my sister?"

She gave him and odd look. That question was one of the most confusing questions she has ever heard. The boy must have understood her look because he nodded and sighed.

"I can see you don't understand. Very well, do you need anything? Food, water?"

Kokoro shook her head and carefully choosing her words, spoke again. "In the forest..there was a coyote of some sort with me..where did it go? Why did it leave? You don't have to answer if you don't know."

Slowly Akira gave a small sad smile. "He never left. He's still right next to you."

That answer confused her. There was no coyote in her room. She thought hard a moment before all the snapped into place. Why her friend had a weird reaction to blood, and the change of eye color when shes angry. Why the coyote seemed smart then the average animal, and was there every Monday. Why this boy appeared out of no where, and never went to school. Starting to shake she looked to him startled.

"You and Amaya...your not human are you? What are you guys? A-and do you know my name? I figure you would having been here every Monday... Why do you watch me so often?"

"To your first question, no we are not. Your second question, we are Demon/Angel/Vampire hybrids, and I will give you more information on that later. I do know your name Kokoro, but if you don't mind, I would prefer to call you love. and to your last question, its a long story, but it ends in three words," he said, pausing to take a breath. "I, am simply in love with you,"

Kokoro blushed and was about to ask how he could be in love with someone he barely knew, when a small sliver of memory appeared. Curious, she dived into it, wondering what new things she might learn in a memory.

Her and Akira where sitting in a room together, playing candy land. As she executed the winning move she looked up and smiled to her buddy, frowning when she noticed he looked so serious.

"Is something wrong? I know your sister didn't get hurt, shes right in the other room."

"Love..there's something I've been wanting to tell you. I-"

Suddenly there was a loud crash as the window broke open, two murderous looking boys flying in and aiming a Spear at her, getting ready to throw it.

"LOVE WATCH OUT! DON'T LET THE BAD GUYS GET YOU!" Jumping in front of her, Akira screamed as the arrow hit him in the back, piercing through his stomach, and out the other way.

"AKIRA!" the smaller version of Kokoro screamed trying to help her buddy, only to get grabbed by the other man.

"Oh no you don't," he sneered, stabbing her just barely missing her heart as someone else runs into the room screaming.

The memory goes black and Kokoro comes back to the present time, looking into the eyes of a very worried boy.

"That night...years ago.." she muttered, sifting through all of these memories that suddenly came back. "You were going to say you loved me weren't you?" She looked down and blushes as a new feeling enters her heart for the first time she can remember. "I think...I think I love you to," she mutters quietly, half hoping he didn't hear her.

Suddenly she widens her eyes, as she feels a sudden warmth against her mouth. 'Hes...kissing me' she thought in shock, slowly closing her eyes and kissing back. Then a Sudden thought occurred to her, causing her to force herself to break the sweet kiss they had shared.

"I'm guessing we should tell Amaya we are dating? I mean..if we are dating.." she muttered looking at the ground.

She then felt herself being pulled into Akira's lap as her cupped her cheek, forcing her to look at him.

"We are definitely dating," he said, slowly leaning in. "but we can tell sister later."

With that, he pressed their lips together into another, slow, sweet, kiss.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in honor of my friend, inspired by my friend, whose nickname is Kokoro.

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