Sophomore Sadies

September 16, 2012
By , butler, NJ
Sophomore Sadies
Call me old fashion but asking to a dance should be a guys job epically if you are the type of girl who can barley get your words out, just to speak to him. That eye catching, distraction that makes your knees give out whenever he speaks. This is the story of how me the quiet girl, gained the courage to ask out the quarterback, with a little help from my friend Shakespeare.

As English began that day, I told herself that if there was no chance at fate for her to ask him then i wouldn’t. Mr. D started class by informing them that they where going to act out a scene from Romeo and Juliet, chosen at random. So as he picked out of a hat the scene, and the two characters and decided that he would tap Romeo and Juliet on the head with his childish wooden sword. As he past my row, my heart skipped a beat but he quickly passed me and moved to the quarterbacks row and with a soft whack! The quarterback was chosen to play Romeo as he galaped around the room looking eagerly at each young bright student he was on the other side of my row as I put my head down to pray for the chance at fate, it wasn’t until a couple minutes later did I notice that he was standing over me ready to tap my head, and with that whack, I became Juliet. As the fake stage was set made with desks and such he reveled to the quarterback and I that we would be acting out the death scene. The scene where love conquered all, my favorite scene, this had to be fate. As I lye across the wooden bench our hands wrapped in one as he so emotionally believed that the love of his life had been taken from him. As I slowly opened my eyes just in time to watch him drink the very poison I began to actually tear up. The words of Shakespeare just began to roll off my tongue. At last it came down to the moment the last kiss I would share with the love of my life who had just given up his life for me. But at that moment he stopped quoting Shakespeare, he whispered I have always loved you in a hushed tone that our class could still hear but it felt as if it was just I. As I bent down to kiss him goodbye for the last time it was then the fire in the pit of myself that said would you go to Sadie’s with me? At that moment I froze, I didn’t move an inch. He sat up, what was he doing, I couldn’t speak; he grabbed my hand and then gently my waist and lifting me to kiss his lips. In response he said I love you Juliet. As out English class cheered, Mr. D came over and instead of scolding us for our change in the scene he said to the class how we made it our own love story and if your lucky enough to find someone to make Romeo and Juliet’s story your own, never let them carry poison around.

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prettysoccer_girl34 said...
Sept. 24, 2012 at 9:42 pm
This story is brilliant! Just like your other stories about dances! Keep it going you're doing great!
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