Sophomore Spring Formal

September 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Sophomore Spring Formal

Why is it that every time one of these school dances comes up my nerves shoot up from an easy 10 to a panic mode 150. All I know is I would hate to be “that girl” the girl nobody invites and ends up staying home watching sad prom movies instead of experiencing her own prom. There is a guy, but I would never have the courage to ask him.

Todays Monday!
That means junior varsity football game and it’s a late game, and we are traveling, ugh! The game starts at 6, it’s a 2-hour drive home, and this should be interesting. Right now the guy, the one I would never have the courage to ask, is sitting in the back of the bus, quarter back for the junior varsity team he is every girls dream , why would he ever ask me? Listening to my headphones is the closest thing I will get to peace today without thinking about this, must get my mind off my dream boy, he is not reality, right?

As the game ended and we won with a quick last touchdown made by our quarter back we won the game 7-0 and everyone rushed back as my coach said she wanted to say I was doing a great job as a freshman very responsible and I pick up things quickly, I thanked her and really just wanted to get on the bus but by the time I got to the parking lot all football players and cheerleaders where on the bus already but they where all standing on the bus. I went to walk down the isle but I was stopped by everyone’s giggles and screams saying stop! Read the signs! At that moment I put my bag down and the song God Gave you me came on over the bus stereo. As I looked up at some of the players on the right in the first seat holding up a sign I couldn’t help but smile. As I walked down the isle the signs read Anna Will you go to spring formal with… and as I approached the end of the bus a group of football players cleared the emergency door and standing outside the bus was him. The quarter back that every girl wanted, standing outside the emergency door with a sign that said me. I couldn’t help but cry, I bent down and covered my face in shock and when he grabbed my waste to help me of the bus I couldn’t help myself by wrapping my arms around him way to tight. Gently he whispered to me is that a yes, as he put me down on the ground I slowly lifted my head from my shoulder and nodded my head and that’s were he kissed me, a kiss that made my knees go weak, a kiss in front of all his team mates coaches and all of mine as well. Together as we climbed back on the bus hand in hand his teammates patted his back, saying yahhh dude! Nice one! As we began to let go of our hands, because we had to sit separate his coach interrupted us parting from different ends of the bus. “I guess just the once you two can sit together, but this will ne the only time got it everybody, that is if the teams okay with it?” everyone nodded and cheered in approval. As we both climbed into a two seat for our 2-hour ride him I couldn’t help but smile the whole way home. For once in your life its okay to have a romantic movie style gesture from the guy who you thought was just the guy of your dreams, but turns out to be the guy of your reality.

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