Freshan Formal

September 15, 2012
By Anonymous

Freshman Formal
The day before when we talked about dates for our formal, you the quarter back, the most wanted guy in our grade had no date, was asked by many but had no date your name was Brian. And me the awkward, quiet, romance novel reading, cheerleader who kept to herself , obviously had no date. Monday morning when I walked in wearing my uniform drinking coffee and eating an apple I sat down at my desk like any other day. But for some reason today, there was a flower taped to my desk, with a sticky note “Freshman Formal” written in the sloppiest chicken scratheting. As I sat there in amassment staring at the note, people in the class started to walk in, looking around like a dazed expression, I started to ask. Do u now Who wrote this?? Everyone’s answer was the same “no sorry but that’s so sweet aww” which wasweett but didn’t help. A sudden panic was written all over my face, could it be that someone would do such a cruel thing and play a prank on me? I went to my English teacher and asked do u now who put this on my desk? He just shrugged and went back to grading papers. Then Brian walked in, and smiled asking “who’s the lucky guy”. Sadley I said “I wish I knew”. Class began and Mr. Delpiano asked for a volunteer to read our short stories we had written yesterday, Brian’s hand shot up, which is odd because he never volunteers, for anything!

As he walked to the podium I couldn’t help but watch putting the sticky note, which I had been holding since I found it aside.

So today I will be reading you a story that will hopefully make you all smile.

This was his story,

So there’s this guy who decided to ask this girl to the freshman formal he got to class very early and taped a yellow daisy to her desk with a sticky note that said freshman formal? He was so nervous he didn’t now how she was going to react, she was the perfect girl, smart, beautiful and the only person that brought out the real guy behind the tough football playing exterior. That tough guy was me and the girl well she still hasn’t answered me yet. I have known her for so long, the under the radar type who still to this day can make anyone in the room smile. She is thee sweetest girl I know, and can make a tough football playing tough guy, break down and be himself. I’m very thankful I was fortunate enough to meet her. I wanted more than anything to ask her to the Freshman Formal and I did. But I still don’t now an answer, would you all like to now what she said? The entire class said yes shaking their heads in conformation, if you would like to now you can ask her yourself? At that moment he looked right at me and smiled with those deep blue eyes, so what’s your answer?
I froze, not just adrenaline took over but my heart began to pound, as the class stared at me, little old me who never said a word to anyone, I smiled and nodded my head running up to the podium hugging him so tightly. As I did our class clapped and responded with an aw! As I began to pull away from his grasp he held me tighter and kissed me very sweet and inescently that sent my whole body into butterflies. Our class whistled and hollered, and as we both returned to our seats, me still in disbelief and him with a smile from ear to ear. I realized that sometimes the awkward, quiet, romance novel reading cheerleader can sometimes get her perfect prince, even if it is in front of her entire English class.

The author's comments:
this is my first time putting something out there.. so please no hate cause i will take it to heart. and yes there is A lot of grammar mistakes I'm not good at editing.. on my new laptop

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on Sep. 24 2012 at 3:19 pm
prettysoccer_girl34 SILVER, Park City, Utah
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That is such a sweet, realistic story!! Keep writing! I loved it all the way through <3

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