The Girl That Changed Everything!:)

September 12, 2012
By smileasifnotomorrow GOLD, Smyrna, Georgia
smileasifnotomorrow GOLD, Smyrna, Georgia
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Beep! Beep! My alarm rang. 5:30 the alarm read in pink bold letters. As I began to get ready for school my family begins to get ready for work the house just as silent as ever. When I was finished getting ready I came down stairs to eat breakfast, if a granola bar counts, grabbed my keys and left. The drive over to school was good. I was driving my red jeep and the top was off and all the doors zipped off. The breeze felt good in my hair while the music was blasting through my eyes from my earphones. You see my dad’s a plastic surgeon so I live a privileged life. We live in a neighborhood with huge white houses and wide space. Everyone here wears bright clothes like the men who play golf. That’s why this girl made my head turn while she was riding on her skateboard. She was wearing black skinny jeans and a black cardigan and a gray tank top. I kept driving with my head looking back as much as I could to see her passed her.
As I entered the school and walked into the front office where I often helped out I saw her again. She was giving the lady at the front desk her transcript. I was able to get a closer look at her now she was wearing dark eyeliner and heavy mascara. Her face was as pale as a sheet on my bed, her blonde bang swooped across one of her eye and the rest flowed down her back. Her body language was slouched I guess. Kind of cool looking? I’d never seen anyone like her. Being in a place where no one likes to stand out. My eyes were drawn to her who left my heart confused.
“Hey!” I heard the words come out my mouth.
“Um...Hi!” she replied back.
“So um do you need someone to show you around?”
“Yea I’d like that. I’m Sophie.”
“I’m Hannah.” I said as I shook her hand.
As we started in the tour the bell rang. Since I work in the office I also am able to give school tour which makes me late occasionally. The halls were mostly empty but the floor wasn’t even close to clean.
“What school did you transfer from?” I asked on the way back.
“Troy High School.”
“Yea I’ve heard of it down the street right?”
“Yea we moved down here though because this is supposed to be a better school.”
“Well let me reassure you it is, just try to stay away from the idiots.” I laughed and I was surprised as she did a cute little snicker as well.
I read her schedule to take her to her first class.
“We have 3rd period and lunch together!” I said.
“You’re very energetic!” She said with a smile.
“Thanks?! This is your class, ill save you a seat at lunch I mean if you want?”
“Yea of course. Bye”
I walked away with a huge smile on my face. She truly made my day and she barely even had to say anything. At lunch I had invited her to my house so I can help her with homework or talk about her day.
I met her at the office so I could drive her to my house.
“Dude I really love your car!” she explained as she examined it, She sounded way more awake and friendly than this morning.
“Dude I love your house.” She said as we pulled up with her eyes as wide as ever.
As we walked in I grabbed her wrist and pulled her up to my room. I it call my little college room. In my room was a mini kitchen and a bathroom. We plopped on my bed as we began to talk about the day’s events. The conversation cooled after we got everything off our chest.
“Are you ticklish?” I ask knowing that I’m the main ticklish one.
“No.” she says looking at me with a smile. I never noticed before her dimples, they were…cute. To make sure she wasn’t ticklish I reached my hand to her stomach and moved my fingers in a fast motion trying to tickle her. She just looks at me and laughs no squirming or anything which confirmed she wasn’t. “Are you?” she asked looking at me smiling.
“Very much so!” I reply she did as I did and tested. By the time she topped tickling me we ended up on the floor with head in her lap.
“Told you.” I say as we stay in the same position we ended in. Then we had a moment. You know the moment. It was really silent and our eyes were glued to each other. She leaned in and I didn’t even think to pull away. Our lips touched lightly as our fingers collided. When she pulled away my eyes were bloodshot.
“Um…You should go my parents going to be here any minute.” I lie they don’t come home till around 7 and it was only 4. I had to get her out I was confused. I wasn’t confused of the fact that she did it but because I liked it. I wrote a pro’s and con’s list as I usually did when I was confused. The list ended in a tie and her face kept appearing in my thoughts. My mom interrupted my thoughts when they called me for dinner. I was even quieter than usual but you know of course they didn’t pay attention.
“Hey” I said as I dropped my spring water bottle and an apple on the table. Sophie looked up to see me and her smile appeared as bright as the sun. “I’m sorry about yesterday” I continued.
“No I should be apologizing I don’t know what that was.”
“No its ok besides…I kind of liked it” I said pretending to look at the ground when I was actually trying to slow my heart down.
“What are you doing tonight night?” She said with a huge smile.
“I’m doing homework, why?” I ask with suspension and curiosity.
“I want to take you somewhere.” She said with a excited but nerves tone in her voice.
A couple of hours after school she came over. I didn’t know what to dress for so I went simple, skinny jeans and a white tank top. I let her drive and we ended up on top of an amazing building with a view. We could see all different kind of houses and the moon was just coming up. It was truly beautiful.
“I come up her to think sometimes” she said admiring me sinking in the view.
“I love it. It’s beautiful. ” The moon was looking right on her then I heard the words come out my mouth “You’re beautiful.” Her face turned red and her hand slide on top of mine and our finger intertwined.
My parents of course didn’t notice how happy I’d become, like they cared. I never understood them having a daughter them ignoring her. It seemed almost impossible. Sophie saw how they were affecting me and was supportive when they couldn’t be. Like when I won the science contest. She was their first row cheering me on. Gosh I love when she is around. That’s when I’m the happiest. I’ve decided just because they don’t care about me doesn’t mean they shouldn’t know about her. I invited her to dinner one night. It was a surprise for my parents but she knew what was going on.
“Hey mom and dad this is Sophie, my girlfriend.” I heard there forks drop as they heard what I said.
“What did you say Ana?”My mother said with an angry look on her face.
“She is my girlfriend.” I repeat to her knowing she had already heard. My mom looked at me like she was disgusted, like I wasn’t her daughter.
“GET OUT!” she yelled.
“GET OUT, GET OUT” she continued to yell and my dad just sat there didn’t say anything. I did as I was told and stayed with Sophie for a couple of days. Her parents were pretty cool. They actually talked to her about her day and mine. It was way different from what we did back home. They let me stay on the couch while I waited for my parents to cool down. Well I mean my mom my dad just sat there. Sophie and I visited her place she brought me where she said that’s where e she thought. We’d lay and look at the stars my head on her chest. I begin to be doing some thinking to. Like if my parents were worried about me or if they even cared. I spent about a month with Sophie. I spent a couple days out of the week to sneak a little more stuff from my house. They must have noticed because one night they stayed up for me. They were on the couch as I unlocked my door with the keys. They scared me as I turned on the lamp.
“We are very disappointed in you. You should have talked to us privately. Now I feel bad for the poor girl.” She paused.” You come to collect more clothes?” she asked while I nodded. “Well this time you can collect all you things. You are no longer welcomed in this house.” She says as I feel my warm tears drip from my face. “Most of it is already packed to you can take it now.”
I made it to Sophie’s house with most of my stuff. When I got in the house I saw her there waiting. While in the car I managed to text her most of the details of what my parents said. I dropped to my knees and couldn’t stop crying. She came over and held me and I buried my face in her black cardigan. “It’s ok.” She whispered in my ear over and over again.
I didn’t know my mom felt so strong about this. How can one person change the relationship of a mother and daughter in less than 5 minutes I thought? I was officially homeless. How long could her parents care for me? Apparently not long because they were talking to me about jobs and apartments. Sophie didn’t like that at all though. Every time they brought it up and she was there she would change the subject or her face would turn red. Though when we were alone she would say stuff like “If your leaving, I’m leaving”.
I got a job at the local newspaper throwing newspapers a couple nights a week. It paid good money and soon I was able to afford a loft down the street. Sophie’s parents of course didn’t let her stay with me though she was at my apartment more than she was at hers house. I knew as long as I had her everything would be ok. I made it a couple months before my parents gave in. They called me for lunch. To test them I told them I was bringing Sophie and they said ok.
“Ana sit down please.” I hesitated but eventually I sat. “Your father and I just want to apologize for our behavior. We realize we haven’t been the best parents. We were just trying to give you a life we never had which requires so much work that weren’t paying attention with what was going on with you. I’m also sorry for kicking you out. I was in shock and I felt like I missed…” she tried to continue but tears started shedding down her face. “It finally kicked in how much I missed in your life and I took it out on you. “ I squeezed Sophie’s hand.
“I’m sorry.” I heard my father say.
“I missed you.” I say to them as they knocked me down to hug me.
“Sophie what do you want to eat?” My mom had just said her first words to Sophie I was impressed and over joyed. Everyone got to know each other for real this time. It was a start of a beautiful family.

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Um...Its about a girl who finds another girl and they fall in love and her parents being ok with it.

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