September 12, 2012
“Leah, hurry. Your gonna be late again!” my mom called from the bottom of the stairs.

“Ugh, whatever. Im on my way, just wait a sec,” I ignored her. My second week of Elton High School, a very preppy school. Lost of cheerleaders and jocks in the halls shouting school spirit. It annoyed me as well as some others. I guess it annoyed me because I was “dull and boring” as my older sister would tell me, but I could be fun if I wanted to.

I brushed my short dark brown hair into a small ponytail and combed my bangs. I stared at myself in the mirror. My eyes were grey, skin pale, glasses. I looked pretty normal, geekish but normal. I smiled, I guess I was cute. I only had 1 boyfriend in middle school. We were together for 1 week, then he moved away. It was pretty sad, but I got over it. Well anyways after that I haven’t got a boyfriend since. I haven’t even had my first kiss yet, but I knew it would happen this year.

As I pulled my gray hoodie over my head I heard my mom’s footsteps at my door then my door flew open. She looked angry and exhausted, but more annoyed. I laughed which made her even more annoyed.

She scolded me, “Grab your stuff and lets go.”

“Okay okay,” I continued laughing I grabbed my bag and checked everything again and made sure I had what I needed.

When we pulled up to the school I quickly jumped out of the car avoiding any small lectures, or “have a good day sweetie” like she did my first day. Embarrassing.

I walked inside the school which was- as usually- crowded. I pushed my way through the loud crowds and made it to the library. I always came to the library, it was a quiet place to stay before class started. When I walked in, I found my favorite place to sit, a small and comfy sofa waiting for me. I smiled and sat down on the cushioned sofa. I pulled out my notebook and began writing. After a while I heard some giggling and when I looked up it was a group of girls. All perky looking and laughing which always happens when you see a bunch of girls together. All of them continued giggling away as they sat down at a table on the other side of the room.
After they had stopped for a few I looked back down and started writing again. I was trying to finish up some homework that I didn’t do last night. I was too busy catching up on a lot of sleep. After a few the giggling started again which made me look up at them again. When I did I noticed that one of them was staring at me deeply. When I looked at her she didn’t even flinch, and I couldn’t either, It was like I was stuck in her gaze. Finally I snapped back into reality and looked back at my book. Something about that girl was weird, but I wasn’t going to let myself get so worked up about it, even though the thought started bugging me.

The bell rang which made me jump from my thoughts. I heard another small laugh from the girls at the table and looked up to see that the weird girl was laughing at me. I sighed at my embarrassment then packed up my things(still didn’t get to finish my homework) and headed for my class.

As I walked I heard a storm starting outside. After living here for a few I noticed that this perky town had lots of storms. I shrugged and continued walking. I looked at my digital wrist watch to make sure I could make it on time. 8:21, I could still make it if I made a little pit stop to the bathroom and be on time.

I rushed into the girls bathroom and into a stall, I didn’t have to use it I just wanted to check my phone in peace. My old friends from my old town texted me a lot since they were aloud to have phones in there school.

After a few seconds I heard the bathroom door fly open and footsteps and laughter. I sighed, there goes my peace. I slid my phone back into my pocket then opened the stall door. I closed it back quickly when I noticed it was some of the girls from the library and one of them was the girl who was staring at me. My heart was beating fast hoping they didn’t notice the motion of my stall door. I didn’t want to embarrass myself again. After another short seconds they left out and I finally exited the stall. I smiled at myself in the mirror. I looked down and noticed that someone had left there chap stick on the sink. I picked it up and read the fancy lettering. Before I could set it back down, the bathroom door swung open again. The weird girl from the library stood there looking at me. I paused hoping she wouldn’t see my, but she just laughed.

“Hey,” she finally said, “Can I have my chap stick back? Her voice sounded so calm and sweet like she was attracting me to her.

I blushed, “Oh uh, yeah, sorry about that.” I handed her the small plastic bottle nervously.

“Thanks,” She smiled showing her perfectly white teeth. She even had dimples which were perfect on her. A perfect figure, talk, and smile? Guys must be all over her.

“You look new,” she broke me from my thoughts, “Whats your name?”

“Oh yeah, I am new. Im Leah.” She stuck her hand out and shook it gently.

“Haha, nice to meet you Leah. Im Alexis, but people call me Alex.”

“Nice to meet you too Alex,” I said sounding dorky. I was finally making a friend and I was so nervous but I didn’t know why. Play it cool. I tried to tell myself, but it didn’t work.

“Yeah, Well lets get to class before we are late.” She turned from me and grabbed the door handle and pulled it gently but it didn’t open. She tried it again but harder and it still didn’t budge. I could tell she was starting to panic.

“Does it always do this?” I asked her trying to ease her mind.

“I don’t know,” she said turning back to me.

“Lets try banging on the door, maybe someone will hear us,” I insisted then we both started hitting the door. After a couple minutes my hands started to hurt and also a loud clap of thunder made us both jump.

“Its no use,” she said sadly walking away from the door.

“Well maybe someone heard and is going to get the janitor or something.”

“Yeah maybe,” she said then frowned. She stood against the wall then slid down it slowly and sat on the floor and locked her head in her knees. I looked at her then sat down beside her.

“Hey its okay,” I tried to cheer her up again, “Look on the bright side, 1 you have a excuse for not being in class and 2 you’re with a really cool girl.”

“Haha, your right,” she smiled at me. “Its just I really hate storms.” I smiled at her again, making people smile was one of my gifts.

“So, um how long have you been in this school?” I asked her trying to keep our minds from the locked door.

“Well,” she started, looking confused wondering why I asked. “I moved here last year because my parents divorced. This school was weird for me at first, but after a few months, I grew to it. Why?”

“I was just wondering. You look very popular.”

“Hm. Well I’m not really. I normally don’t hang out with girls. I like more of a guy setting.”

“Really? I like to be around guys more than girls any day too.”

“Well you should hang out with me more often,” she laughed lightly.

“Sure. Okay,” I laughed too. “So do you have a boyfriend?” I teased.
Her eyes widened. “Um no. I don’t like any guys in this school.” She seemed a little embarrassed but I didn’t want to drop the conversation just yet.

“Why not? I’m sure they like you,” I poked her arm gently.

“They are probably jerks like all guys.” She explained. “Guys were just made to break girls hearts.”
“Yeah, your right,” I agreed sadly.

She turned towards me and lifted my head by holding my chin with her finger. My heart pumped quickly as she stared into my eyes.

“Who broke your heart?” She looked worried and angry, like she really hunt them down and kill them.

“Well…uh..,” I started but before I could finish there was a loud clap of thunder which caused the lights to go off.

She let go of my head then jumped up. She tried opening the door again just incase it had opened itself, but it was still stuck. There was a little light coming from the small tinted windows so I could see a little. She turned from the door and sat next to me on the floor.

“Are yu scared?” she asked me concerned, because I was so quiet.

“Oh no im just a little, you know.”

She laughed, “Well okay then,” she said then grabbed my hand. “Its okay. Im here.”

When she grabbed my hand and said those words a spark flew up my arm and into my head. I started feeling weird also. Like my heart was trying to tell me something about her that my brain couldn’t fish out.

“Leah.” I heard her say, breaking me from my fast beating heart.

“Yes?” I replied softly.

“I know we just met, and this might be the wrong time to say this. But I feel like I’ve known you all my life.” I looked at her, so confused. It felt like I was in some cheap romance book that you buy from a thrift store.

“What…What do you mean?” I asked her, so confused and nervous.

“I mean…I think…I love you.”

My eyes widened. She just told me she loved me out of nowhere. I mean, we just met today, how could she love me so fast? Im a great girl but not that cool. But the main thing that was confusing me the most that a GIRL just told me she loved me.

“Uh. Alex.” I tried to explain to her but she interrupted.

“Leah. When I saw you on the first day of school, I knew you were really cool. You were so quiet though, everytime I tried to talk to you something or someone got in my way. Im actually so glad we are in this situation. Im sorry if you don’t feel the same way, just give me one chance?” I looked at her, what could I say? I couldn’t just stand her up. And she was watching me since the first day of school. I was creeped and confused but sweetened. Her voice and the way she said it made me fall into her spell.
I tried to speak again but she suddenly placed her lips on mine. I was shocked but I didn’t pull away. I felt like I was in Heaven, like she was my angel sent to me. I didn’t know what to do but to keep kissing her.

When she pulled away finally she smiled at me, but all I could say was “Alex.”

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