Casey's Love Life

September 13, 2012
By HummingbirdHeart BRONZE, Strafford, Missouri
HummingbirdHeart BRONZE, Strafford, Missouri
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Casey wakes up and looks at her phone and the first thing she sees is a text from her boyfriend Steven. She smiles and her mood is set for the day. She gets up and gets ready for school and texts Steven back and they text each other until she gets to school. But get this, she’s not supposed to text in school but she’s so in love with Steven that she cannot stop talking to him. All Casey ever does is text Steven all day at school. Her friends always pick on her about that and they also pick on her because she talks about him non-stop. She doesn’t ever talk about anything else.

Well one weekend she stayed the night with Steven. They never do anything together because he told her that he won’t do anything with her until after graduation. Steven has his head in her lap and they are watching T.V together. She starts teasing him by blowing in his ear. It annoys him so he bites her but he bites her in the wrong place. He bites her in the boobs and it hurt her that it left a bruise. He felt really bad and told her that he was sorry. She forgave him and they made up. He kissed her and held her. She cuddles into him and they close their eyes and fall asleep with each other.

The next morning they woke up and they got ready and ate breakfast. They hung out with each other all day until she had to go home. When she got home, she texted him immediately and they talked all night long. They teased each other, also Casey got on Facebook and hacked Steven’s page and wrote on his wall. Then she had to go to bed so they told each other goodnight and they both went to sleep.

Then on Monday which was the next day, she came to school. All her friends noticed that she looked really happy so they all asked what she did over the weekend. Of course she said, “OH I hung out with Steven and we had so much fun. You know what he did?” One of her friends Halye asks, “No what did he do?” “He bit my boob! It hurt really badly!” says Casey. All of her friends laugh and roll their eyes at her. She just stands there in her jeans and cowboy boots, smiling and acts like nothing happened. Then she brightens up and says, “OH also he gave me this jacket,” pointing at her jacket, “and his class ring,” she shows us his class ring on a necklace. Halye looks at it closely and says, “That’s cool.” They stare at each other and nod because they don’t know what else to say. They do that sometimes, when they don’t know what to say.

Then Halye says,” You know what I bet you will get married and pregnant before you graduate!” Casey shakes her head and says, “I don’t think so. He said that he won’t do that.” Halye rolls her eyes and says, “Right sure!” Everyone starts laughing and they shake their heads at Casey and Halye. After school Casey goes home and tells Steven what Halye said and he just laughs. They talk pretty much all night, then Casey has to go to bed so they say goodnight and that they love each other.

A few weeks later Casey has to stay somewhere so she decides to stay at Steven’s house. She goes over on Friday night and they watch movies together. They play with Steven’s little sister and Steven chases her around. Later that night they lay in bed together. They kiss each other goodnight and Casey lays her head on Steven’s chest and he wraps his arms around her. They fall asleep with each other.

The next morning they wake up and eat breakfast together and they spend all day together doing pretty much nothing. Casey texts Halye and tells her about her night and her day as well. Halye tells Casey that she better be careful if they ever end up doing anything. Casey tells Halye that it won’t ever happen because Steven doesn’t want to do that until after Casey graduates. Halye texts back and she says, “Okay we will see what happens. But please just be careful if anything does happen.” Casey tells Halye that she will if anything happens and that she doubts that anything will happen. Halye just tells her okay and they don’t bring up anything else. They text for little longer then Halye has to go so they say their goodbyes.

Later on that day Casey has to go home so Steven takes her home. On the way to her house they talk the whole way. When Steven pulls into Casey’s driveway, he parks his truck and gets out and so does Casey. He looks at her and says,” Wait I have something for you.” She says, “What is it Steven?” He hands her a jewelry box and she looks down at it and smiles and looks back up at him.

The author's comments:
This story is based on my best friend Casey and her boyfriend. Parts of it is not true but most of it is. She tells me a lot so I asked her if I could write about her and Steven and she told me that I could.

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