September 11, 2012
By Anonymous


There once sat a girl in her same lonely place. She sat there by the tree looking at all the people having fun. Her 18th birthday was coming up soon, but as every year she would spend it by herself. Estrella was always alone because her mother had to travel a lot. Before her mother would leave she would tell her to look at the stars at night, and that she would be there for her. Every night Estrella went out on the hill and laid there watching the stars hoping her mother would watch them too so they could be connected through them. Estrella was born on the 31st of October and everyone believed that she was cursed, because in her town that day was the evil day. Therefore no one was supposed to go outside or even look at her because she was as they said evil’s daughter.
Estrella was a beautiful girl with long black curly hair, and green eyes that had a passion of yellow. She was tall and had a pretty face like the doll at the market. People would say if they stared into her eyes they would fall in love with her because they had this sparkle that despite her sadness, they would make anyone happy. Estrella had tried many times to make friends but they would never talk to her. As she sat there outside one night she saw people gathered around, so she wondered why they were there. All of a sudden she saw the most handsome guy she had ever seen. He was tall with muscles, and his hair was curly like hers. His face was shining like diamonds in the sun.
Estrella rose up as if someone would have scared her and rushed to get closer to him, but not too close she did not want anyone to see her. When all of a sudden he turned and saw her there hidden behind the tree. Estrella froze like ice, and then he smiled and kept walking. Her heart pumped faster than the fastest car there was. Then her watch rang, and someone heard it. Then the lady who everyone feared in the town pulled her by her hair. This lady was mean and was considered the meanest to ever being known, but as she touched her necklace to take it from her the town clock rang 12:00. All of a sudden her necklace lit up brighter than the sun and pushed the lady as far as she could see, but when the light stopped she looked straight at the guy who had just seen everything. He stood there speechless and so did Estrella. When all of a sudden she fainted she turned pale and white like snow. He grabbed her and took her home, and when she woke up he asked her if she was okay. Estrella looked and saw that she was 18 now and that he was there with her, but all of a sudden things fell in together.
It had been said that her mother was not just a normal lady, and that she had special powers as did Estrella, but Estrella did not want to be more different than what she was already, so she never looked into it. Until she felt a strange feeling running through her body, and then she began to change into this angel with wings that had the power to elevate her. He looked in astonishment and said in astonishment “A real angel.” Estrella grew scared and when she turned to her room mirror she saw herself flying, her clothes were now white, and her wings were white as snow. He fell in love with her at sight but she felt embarrassed, and flew away and he never saw her again. Estrella then dedicated to protect people and one of them was him she always stood close to him watching Nunu.
One day she saw him crying and knew she could not get close to him but then he said "Why would you just leave me my angel? Why do you just stand there watching me, and not come with me when I need you?" Estrella thought he was just saying it until he turned around and said to her that he needed her and loved her. He also said it didn't matter what she was or what she would do because he would always love her. Estrella then took a decision she would never take she came down grabbed his hand and kissed him, but then the most wonderful thing happened he turned into one. After that they promised to stay together and to help the kids who were always left alone and to the ones who needed to be loved. Estrella and Nunu as he was named never died they stayed young and in love forever helping others.

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