Just three words

September 6, 2012
By Anonymous

She is one of millions of girls living on the planet Earth. She adores hot chocolate and frequently complains about being a little bit thicker than cover girls on the glance magazines. She logs in a social network and finds his profile with “online” written in small font underneath his picture and reluctantly smiles. She writes novels, when she feels bad, and laughs, when she feels good. She studies, or at least tries to do that in her Physics class. She will be buried at the same grey place, where everyone else is, side by side with other bones, which decay and seek for serenity in stomachs of little worms, who, alive people easily smash, not even thinking about their further fate. She is an individuality! She is one of a million! She sacredly believes in the power of her “personality”; she believes in the power of her words that one day may be cited. The only thing, that makes her different from everyone else living on the planet, is her knowledge and comprehension of the value of such powerful words, as “I love you.”
These three words became absolutely nothing in the world, or merely, a demonstration of friendly behavior or a grateful gesture. She is the last who saved the sense of the worlds in her hear. Perhaps, that is why she is all always all by herself. Probably, that is why people cannot understand her restrained smile in response to «i love you». These words became so overdone and diluted, as a jar of honey, which water was added in and mixed; although, the amount of water was too large, turning the mixture into a tasteless substance. She was disgusted by that beverage, because she was the only one in the world who felt the initial potential of those words, and was disdained by the usage of the words as some sort of trash. She believed that these three words could solve any conflict, heal any spiritual wounds, when using them as intended.
The words were as gunpowder, which firing a gun served much more efficiently, than just thrown out in the air, as remains of cremated corpse. She was desperately seeking people who had common views on love as an eternal engine which makes the world go around. And one day she met him. She sensed the feeling, which resided locked in her heart, knocking and begging her to forget about the intelligence and common sense and let just release it. This feeling did not outbreak dartingly, but it was confidently gaining more and more control over her body, lulling the mind’s vigilance gradually. The feeling and the mind started working together in the name of one goal, and the rational assessment of the situation just faded away, forming a pleasant lilac smoke, mantling her around from her head to toes and not allowing her to see anything except the images constrained by the feeling. All of the images were making up a collage, which she fed by, lived and breathed in. She thought that, finally, she found a person who does not let the words to come out of his mouth as leaves falling from the tress in fall. But, unfortunately, she made a mistake…She was looking for him for so long that she believed at once and surrendered. Surrendered to the feeling, which was demanding its complete freedom. She contributed herself entirely into the message. She was sure that once she reveals the power of the three words for hat person, he would be astonished by the meaning that stands behind the words that were turned in obscenity. She whispered “I love you”, and the a spark of energy rushed through her body. The night sky lightened for a second and a wet veil came up to her eyes. She was standing awaiting for the response and every new breath seemed as a knock in her head. All of the sounds became very distinct. The arrow of his watch was pressuring her money, as if it was saying ”The time is up!” She thought she had a schizophrenia for a slight moment and then starred into his eyes. «Love you too» was his response, but it was such an empty scratch that she was forced to close her ears and terrified hide herself somewhere deep inside. T that moment, he gave her to understand clearly that e sees her blonde hair, sliding from her back, as a bulk of golden coins, but he cannot notice every single hair dropped in response to his troubles; he sees her eyes of swamp color, but does not identify the care that is shining through them, as an advertisement on Times square; he sees her smile, but does not notice the warmth, which was capable of warming you the whole world, behind it. He sees her face only and her powerful as an earthquake “I love you” did not move him from the place in any sense. She understood that the three words were as capsule without content, which he swallowed without any questions. She understood that he was one of them. One of a million. She understood that was left all by herself.
One morning, she woke up because she felt the strongest impulse she has ever encountered with. The source of it was him. Although, it was sent to one of a million girls, which were the initiators of the demise of the real meaning of the important words. She was glad that there was still somebody who had the comprehension of «i love you» , but she was crushed by the fact that such a great power was targeted on a person , who would spit it out as a chewing gum that lost the taste of mint. This girl could never estimate the value of those words, because she was so used to hypocrisy and adulation, that even the display of real feelings could awake anything in her soul. She answered “Love you too”, using politeness and banality, which are frequently used by people nowadays to cover their own insides. They were too scared to remover their armors, in case of anybody trying to backstab them. However, although, this method was eliminating any risk of getting hurt, it also took away the opportunity of their spirits to be touched tenderly by such feeling as love and friendship. Is that an equivalent exchange?
Everybody has his or her own opinion on that, but, sometimes you need to go through the hardships in order to find satisfaction. He, though, was as a little boy with a pack of matches, who possessed an enormous power in his hands, although , he did not even suspect about that. He lit one of the matches, but she, the height of banality, doused it, not even letting the fire to set. He caught that, but he still did into want to give up the hope about the answer that would be equal to his confession. But the time passed and the answer was never coming, so he left, loosing his faith in the word power. He became the same as everybody. He still had the rudiments of the feeling, but he locked it up behind seven walls, so nobody would be able to reach, play or hurt them. He wore an armament to protect himself from anybody getting into his personal zone, which was distinctly separated from the rest of the world. He became the prossiness! He became one of the millions!
She did not reveal the mystery of the words to anyone ever again, faithfully storing it in the safest corner of her soul. A little more time passed and their story came to an end. They were alone in the world, but unfortunately, not together. Their death meant the death of “I love you”. They passed away an rested in peace, as well as precious words that live in coffins next to them, waiting for the triumphal comeback…Sadly, the hope dies the last…

The author's comments:
This piece is to some degree degree biographical. It reflects the way I see the world.Please don't criticize it too harshly though! English is not my first language!

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