Death Upon Death

September 1, 2012
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The storm clouds form a dark veil over the land
I can smell rain in the air
And ash
All is shrouded and grey
The murky water crashing against the shore bank
The grass is dead
The wind blows like souls drifting
A crow’s caw like Death’s song
The tree with spindly branches is menacing
Tis a fright
The deceased grass crunches under pressure
He is here
Finally here
The boy I love with the bright eyes and dark clothes
The one with metal pierced into his lip
The one with the tortured heart

He reaches his ringed hand towards me and grabs my hip
Pulls my torso to him and holds on tightly
He places his head in the cool crook of my neck
I feel moisture
He is crying

I embrace him and whisper his name
“Boy”, I whisper
“Beautiful, beautiful Boy”
He picks up his head and lays his forehead upon mine
Places his metalized hands on my face and whispers my name
“Girl,” he says softly
“Lovely, lovely Girl”

His eyes shine with tears that show a tortured life
Down his lips move to mine
Closer and closer
Nearer and nearer
Waves crash, crows caw, we kiss

His lips drape upon mine
Passionate, rugged, desperate
He tastes of candle wax and incense
Our mouths weld together, refusing to part
We are infused

When our lips do disperse, he pleads “Love me”
I hold on tight
“I do”

The Lady in White Gossamer calls
She moves her arm in a single swift motion
A motion of beckoning

A force moves him from me
An unseen force
He kicks and screams and cries for me
But alas, I cannot move
Just stand there and watch my love be ripped from my grasp

The Lady in White Gossamer gives me a wicked grin
“He is gone from you forever, Girl,” she spits at me

Her delicate hand jerks
His neck twitches
His eyes grow wide
His struggling stops
And his breath ceases in his throat

The Lady in White Gossamer vanishes in crisp air with a demonic laugh
Leaving him on the grass
Death upon death
Leaving an unbeating heart and a live one which will soon perish
The heart of a lover with no one to love
The heart of me, a girl
Just a girl.

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bagley777 said...
Sept. 20, 2012 at 4:20 am
It's a little dark, but I love it! I love the writing style. It's wonderful, you did a really good job.
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