so they kissed. so what?

August 29, 2012
so they kissed. so what?

salvation is found between her thighs, because they are pretty pink (like blushing roses about to wither in the cold)

salvation is not between her thighs, because that would be wrong (out of wedlock, out of hatred, out of need, out of the church’s graces)

salvation is found in mercury, in the supple spheres that roll across the floor (that found themselves lurking in the corners of humanity, or at least, in the corners of the kitchen where they f*ed)

salvation is not found in mercury, it poisons and pokes holes at weak theories about immunity (she is not immune to his charm, his snake tongue that prods daily at her weakest, most vulnerable point)

salvation cannot be found in another person. she liked defying the odds. he just liked being defiant. they swallowed mercury together, legs overlapping like a lunar eclipse.

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