Blind Faith, Part 2

August 29, 2012
By cheerin4.1D BRONZE, Strongsville, Ohio
cheerin4.1D BRONZE, Strongsville, Ohio
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"No Regrets. You only get one life, so screw it up the way you should."

Today is the seven year anniversary of the day I lost my sight. It's a sad day. That's why daddy and Travis don't say anything when I leave for school. Travis says sorry later, but it didn't matter by then. Avery gives me a hug when I get to school. I'm close to tears and it isnt even nine in the morning. Avery says simply, "I'm here. I love you. Don't think about it. And if you need to talk," That's as far as i let her go. "Ave, I love you too, but can we please not do this today? Please.." Avery starts to protest but is cut off by the velvety voice of Noah Brandon. Amanda was, surprisingly not with him. "Hello ladies. Avery, what was the homework for physics." I loved how easily he conversed with us. He didn't worry about what people would think when he was seen talking to the blind girl, or the band nerd. "Jaimie? You okay?" he asked. "perfect." I said. I could tell avery was giving me a look. Without saying anything, ;he stepped forward, hugged me close, and made me almost faint. Before he left, he said to me, "YOu looked like you needed that" Great. this day just got alot more complicated.

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