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August 9, 2012
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“What do you have to lose?” her friend insisted. Soledad, timid but fierce, pondered these words as they walked towards the go-karts park, which had the fastest karts in the nation. She came from far away, tired of routine, tired of others expectations. Her days in Spain were built upon common diversions, yet Soledad’s mind drifted through thoughts, thoughts that possessed and caressed her. It was time to go back to her essence, seeking answers to simply be. Soledad, uptight but fearless, longed to escape from habit, from what ought to be, from empty actions. She was dead; Soledad needed to scream.

As they almost reached the park, Soledad decided to let everything go. She was going to be free; free to laugh, free to love, free to chose, and free to be. They arrived at the park, and Soledad went to buy a ticket to ride in the fastest kart of the park. She did not care most of the girls were riding in the kids’ karts or only watching men ride from the bleachers, dressed beautifully and showing off their most polished hair-styles. She wanted to feel something new, even if that meant reviving with a sudden burst of adrenaline from speeding down the racing track.

When it was time for Soledad to ride her car, her helmet fell off. She turned to pick it up, but a boy had already lifted it. She looked at him, he looked at her. It was revealed: the sublime connection of two souls, clear and obscure, that can only be achieved through the eyes. Those eyes, those eyes she will never forget. He seemed ordinary with his work uniform, sun-kissed arms, and messy hair. But his eyes, reflecting flickers of lights, soothed her. They remained silent for what appeared to be an eternal second, when they indulged in a casual conversation. Soledad told him she was about to ride for the first time. He told her he would too to accompany her. She did not ask anything else; he did not tell her he was not supposed to ride as he was a summer employee of the park. They went to get into the karts, without a clue and with all illusions, that their lives were about to change.

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Anonymouse said...
Sept. 5, 2012 at 6:34 pm
beautifully written!
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