August 24, 2012
I hate this movie!", I said to my best friend Jake as we watched the latest superhero movie. The character on the screen ran to have a huge make out scene after saving his love interest.
"Seriously this is just plain stupid now" I said.
"I actually like this movie." Jake said with an amused look in his face
"Why are you smiling?" I questioned
"Well I was just wondering what superhero would you be?" he replied
"I wouldn't be a superhero I would be Lois Lane because-"he cut me off before I could reply.
"You would make an amazing Catwoman"
"First of all she's a super villain and she doesn't do much" I said with an irritated look.
"Whatever, she's sexy" he said with a grin. To that I threw popcorn at him.
"See, violent you would make the perfect Cat Woman. " he jokingly said
"Shut up" I said embarrassed
"Anyways if you want to play a love interest why not Mary Jane from Spiderman?"he asked
"Annoying" I snapped
"Well then what about Elastigirl" he inquired
"Do you realize how stupid that sounds? I said
"Fine now that you've rejected all my suggestions, explain Lois Lane." he requested
"Well I think that Lois Lane has the greatest love story, this smart, useful girl found love in the most remarkable person ever and I want to have that" I explained. At that time I thought it was my imagination but Jake's eyes might I say glittered.
"Interesting" he said
"Anyways what hero do you want to be?" I said changing the subject.
"I'll tell you later" with that Jake walked out the door. Only after some time I would know what that was all about. Anyways a few weeks later Jake came to my house again saying we didn't finish the movie. After the movie ended I finally had the nerve to ask him about what happened. For a while he was silent but then he spoke,
"I want to be Superman?" Surprised I asked him
"What I thought you hated him"
"Here let me rephrase that I want to be YOUR Superman"
Shell-shocked I tried to speak but couldnt get the words out of my mouth so I kept it shut and let him continue.
"I want to be that remarkable person in your life"
" So you want to be my Superman"
"As long as your my Lois Lane.", he finished with a twinkle in his eye as he pulled me close and said
"I think we're missing something"
"What?", I said dumbfounded
"The huge make out scene right after I save the world" he smirked
"Oh right.", I said as our lips met and we had one of the greatest makeout session that no super hero could match.

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TheWriterReader said...
Dec. 6, 2012 at 10:54 pm
You just keep getting better and better divi! Amazing!!! Made me laugh and sigh at the same time :D love LOVE LOVEEEEE IT
Luna3952 said...
Sept. 3, 2012 at 2:16 pm
aww this is so sweet!!!!! im going to see the avegers tonight with my boyfriend. he loves super heros. this is such a believable story :)
Weirdos_unite said...
Sept. 2, 2012 at 7:23 pm
I loved it! It's so sweet… I like how natural the dialogue sounds. It doesn't say the main character likes Jake though… she does, right?  
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