Life And Times Of A Random Emo Kid

August 22, 2012
By S.C.O.P.T.E.E PLATINUM, Bakersfield, California
S.C.O.P.T.E.E PLATINUM, Bakersfield, California
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Life And Times Of A Random Emo Kid


Sitting in church and praying to God was never my thing but today for some instance I just wanted to. Life is like Internet, even when you have the best anti-virus installed, something will always go wrong. And you end up with a Trojan. That is pretty much what happened to me. People always told me that talking to someones loved ones and friends about problems helps. In my case, it never did. Things had changed dramatically in my life. Life was catching up to me and I didn’t know if I wanted to move on. But this had to be done. I was an emotional wreck. I kept thinking about what I could have done to change it. But then again how can I alter destiny. I guess somethings are never meant to be together.

Hi!, My name is Ren Brands. Well now that you know its me. Lets get started. To be honest im not a big fan of writing but for now I would do anything to get her out of my head. She has been there too long now and I think she needs to go. Well before you start thinking who she is....let me tell you my story.

I was a normal kid, pretty shy and curious about stuff. And all the other problems that came along with the package. I belong to a very respected family. We were from a quite ordinary family from Bakersfield. Just minding our own business, and going on with our lives. Dad went to his so called job everyday and mom would pretend not to care, when she knows hes been cheating on her. I would go to school in the morning, and come back at noon. We were quite a bit of a unusual family, but it was mine. That is all that matters. I would go there everyday at Stone Creek Park to play with Jamie. But that day was very different, because there I saw, her. What a sight, I had never seen anyone look so damn nice. She had the eyes of a heavenly maiden and I just drowned in them. I cant even explain the situation. I was speechless, I kept staring at her without making direct contact. I had been stalking her, yeah thats the right word. Ive been wanting to talk to her since the third grade, but never had the courage to stand right next. She wasnt just any girl, she is Sera Hall, the most beautiful and the smartest girl in school. Why would she want to talk to a loner like me, but this time, I will take a chance and go the mile.

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on Aug. 29 2012 at 9:04 pm
wow man nice one....i would write one like this if i was smart enough :D so atleast u r in a better mindset than me :P

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