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August 18, 2012
By Nerdydancin BRONZE, Redlands, California
Nerdydancin BRONZE, Redlands, California
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“Hey honey” I said flowers in hand to my girlfriend (god! She’s beautiful) she finished her conversation, which I was used to by now. “Hey baby” she said “nice flowers” she took them, gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and walked away. Like my usual morning ritual after visiting my perfect girlfriend I went over to my best friend Mel “hey Mel” I called over to her “Sup’ Eli” Mel and I were the only people who called each other by nicknames. Then I looked over and saw the worst person I can still think of to this day Brian, the stupid football player hitting on my girlfriend. Mel looked in the direction I was looking in and asked “Eli, whats wrong?” I looked up coming out of my trance “oh nothing” she looks at me “Elijah (full names were serious) I’ve known you since the second grade, what’s wrong?” “Its that stupid Brian he just so annoying and controlling and ..and stupid!” “you said stupid twice” Mel said blankly “I know that’s how dumb he is!” I was a bit surprised by how much anger towards the guy but he was really annoying.

I had reason for being mad Brian, he had picked on me since I met him I don’t even know why he made fun of my weight, my abilities, said I wasn’t straight. Then the stupid pranks came along, first they were just dumb like taking my stuff, or making up stories about me. Then it was stuff like putting grease in front of my locker so I would slip. But once we made it to high school I asked out Skye my girlfriend and him and his friends started shoving me in the hallway. Then the rumor that Skye was cheating on me with Brian, which I’m sure he started. “Are you made about that stupid rumor” Mel said pulling me back to reality “ why shouldn’t I be?” I said back “he started that rumor and me and Skye have had to deal with it for a whole year!” “listen she chose you forget him and go talk to that annoying girl” Mel said. I sighed and walked over but couldn’t make over to here before the first bell rang I forgot me and Mel were supposed to walk to Latin I turned around and didn’t see Mel the turned again and didn’t see Skye
I sighed and walked quickly to class. The day went by so slowly but finally we came to lunch I could finally see Skye. I walked out with Mel she sat down by her journalism buddies and I walked over to Skye just to see who making her laugh and totally flirting, Brian. I walked up to her not acknowledging Brian “can we talk after school?” I asked “I’m going to the game” she answered “perfect! Mel has to do a cover story so I’ll go with her” Skye rolled her eyes. It was strange, I knew Mel and her didn’t get along but still it just seemed like more than that was she mad at me? It didn’t matter I was going to the game with my girlfriend and not even Brian could get in the way because he was playing in the game.
I started to prepare I brushed my teeth, found one of my mom’s magazines and took the what to look for in a guy quiz so that I would be perfect, and got a nice looking outfit together . The car honked “there’s my ride mom, got to run!” “Have fun” she called “love you.” I opened the car door and was meet by Mel’s optimistic face she was dressed in a baggy Redlands High sweatshirt and sweatpants add a camera and she was ready to go. “You look nice” she complimented “thank you” I answered “to the game!” I shouted “away” she said we were really nerdy but it worked for us. Once we got there I got me and Mels popcorn and of course Skye I brought a low carb chocolate pretzel bar last time I brought her nachos she cried and left I knew better now. Nothing could ruin this night me and Mel came over to Skye I handed her the flowers and bar and sat between her and Mel . Skye didn’t like football all that much but watched the cheerleaders she was the captain until her grades dropped and she was kicked off, I held her for 2 days straight after that. Mel and I were having a great time she cheered and since I didn’t understand football so I cheered with her.
The game wasn’t very exciting until the end when or team caught back up and in the last seconds of the game Brian scored a touchdown. I was nice and cheered but Skye was off the hook! She was so loud I had to tell her to sit down. After the game was over Mel and I went up higher to get shots of the team going back into the Locker room then Mel saw Skye get up and walk out she literally grabbed me and pulled me down the stairs “where are we going?” I yelled “to see were that liar is going!” she yelled back. We finally caught up to her in the parking lot and hid behind a car “see you made me run all that way for nothing!” “shut up” Mel said in a whisper and pushed my head lower behind the car low and behold here comes Brian. “Hey baby” she said giggling “hey girl” he practically grabbed and they had probably the longest make out session in history I turned and sat at the foot of the car. Mel lowered herself “are you okay!” she looked worried “am I hyperventilating Mel cause it sure feels that way.” “Eli I’m sorry you had to see that but aren’t you glad you found out now than later?” “well maybe we can work this out” “Eli!” “what Mel!” I exclaimed “what am I without her I’m not cool, athletic, cute, skinny, I’m not speci-“ I was cut off by the wonderful sensation of a kiss… Mels kiss “Elijah your cute, funny, very athletic, smart, and you don’t need her I don’t know why you’ve never seen it but since I met you I’ve L-“ this time she was cut off by my surprise kiss.. a kiss from me “loved you” she whispered.

The next day the newspaper was quite interesting headline “school rumor confirmed Skye cheats on Eli” and very surprised Brian and Skye.

The author's comments:
This piece is just something i made up while reading all your guys' romance work tell me if you like it im thinking about a sequel

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