The Colour of...

August 15, 2012
One day a couple are sitting in a field on a blanket talking. All of the sudden the girl hides her eyes and says,

“What colour are my eyes?”
He thought for a minute and replied,

“Your eyes are the colour of a beautiful spring day, where the leaves are growing back on the trees and the grass is so luscious you have to cut it twice. Your eyes are the colour of a magnificent emerald that resides in a treasure among rubies, amethysts, pearls, and garnets on a huge Pirate ship. Your eyes are the colour of my future, they are the colour of my mornings when I first wake up, and my nights right before I go to sleep. Your eyes are the colour of my life, and the only colour I see.”
When he finished she moved her hand and he saw that her eyes weren’t just greene, they were full of tears and turning red and puffy.

He then followed with,

“Will you marry me?”

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. said...
Aug. 18, 2012 at 12:06 am
I like this. I do think it is a little sappy for my taste and don't suppose a boy would actually say this. However, I really like the idea and you presented it very well. :)
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