Is teen love real?

August 11, 2012
By prettygirl99 BRONZE, Farmington, Arkansas
prettygirl99 BRONZE, Farmington, Arkansas
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He looks at me like I'm the prettiest girl in school. I fall for his tan skin, his wavy brown hair, and his dark chocolate brown eyes. He is the most gorgeous thing i have ever seen. He could never like a girl like me. could he? Just the thought of it sends chills up and down my back. Ah, hes looking at me again. No maybe he is looking at someone behind me. No, No he is definitely looking right at me. I feel my heart sink and look away really quick. "Anna you should totally go talk to hI'm" My best friend said to me. "Okay your right" i replied. As i approach hI'm i think what should i say? Once i finally got to hI'm i wiped my sweaty palms on to my pants. "Hey i noticed you looking at me.." No reply from Parker. "Oh no you weren't looking at me were you?" i said. "Oh sorry i just got lost in your gorgeous eyes." He said. Me trying not to blush, i just smiled. "I was planning on asking you to the dance, but since your over here i will just go ahead and ask. Well Anna will you go to the dance with me?" Me standing there speechless. "umm..uhh.. Yes" "Great!" He Replied. I smiled and walked away. As i walked away he grabbed my arm and said "Oh one more thing i need your number?" "Oh yeah sure" I said. I suddenly became the happiest girl alive. "Ding" I had received a text. Rushing to my phone i nearly trip over everything on the room. Gosh it isn't Parker. "Ding" Another text? "Yes, its Parker" Hey gorgeous is what the text read. Awe is all i could think. I think i could just be falling for the cutest guy in school, and he just might be falling for me.

The author's comments:
This girl she had no idea even noticed her is actually falling for her.

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