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Blood Moon

August 7, 2012
By Anonymous


I knew when it happened, I knew what was happening when all my bones cracked and changed shape. I knew they knew something had changed in me when my eyes could no longer hold contact. I knew they knew I was a complete different person now that my blood had heated and changed my genes. All because of a single bite, I started my whole life over.

Chapter 1
The beginning

“They say I am a goody good but those are only the ones that don’t know me they treat me like a little girl until they piss me off and I show them what I’m really made of, then they relies nope I’m more than atroublee maker. Everybody says I’ve got to stop what I do cause someday I’ll get hurt, or in so muchtroublee it will ruin my ‘reputation’. Well maybe I can deal with that and get it all fixed up cause I’m good at that. But till I get introublee I’m just chillen’ it as me.” I said to Mrs. Blackrose. The class just stared as Mrs. Blackrose wrote me a detention slip, this was normal and it happened but why was she the only one who questioned why I couldn’t be like my Mrs. Perfect, older sister that she had two years ago. Well I’m going have to deal with her for four more months then I’m out of her grip and on to my senior year. I smirked at her as I took my seat next to my best friend Jagger, his real name happened to be Jason, but he hated that name so everybody called him Jagger.
“Mess, why are you always getting introublee, you said you would give me time to catch up to you.” he smirked, as much as I hated the silly nickname I had to laugh.
“Jag, I told you to stop calling me that you know I hate it,” I bit back at him, “And you know you don’t want to catch up to me it sucks when you walk down the hall and you have b****es looking at you waiting for you to do something they can sinch you out for.”
He laughed, “Like that one?” he said pointing at the ‘class drama queen’. As much as I loved this guy sometimes I wanted to shoot him.
“Quit being a smartass and leave me alone, I don’t want homework tonight.” I snapped. He just smiled and continued with his work.
The bell rang just as I finished my work, I rolled my eyes at Mrs. Blackrose on the way out of class and walked to my break table were everybody was already waiting to see whattroublee I got in this time.
“WHAT DID YOU DO!?!?!” snapped Ivy “ Jagger told me your on Mrs.blackrose’s last nerve, and that she looked like she about exploded on you!”
“Eh, wasn’t that bad, just the usual detention that I’m skipping today cause I want to see all my homies and family.” I smirked.
“You know you could try not getting introublee once, so you don’t have to be in detention five days a week.” Said Alice.
“NAG NAG NAG!” I yelled in Alice’s face she just glared and walked away. They all were looking at me noticing my temper was a bit worse today. They all looked at me worried and I felt my throat rumble out a low growl and I quickly turned and started to walk away, but my whole group started to follow, so, I ran.
“MEO, MAGGIE, MESS, ERIN, OLIVER!” they all yelled different names and nick names but I didn’t respond to any of them cause the student resource officer’s attention was getting drawn toward me I had to get to the bathroom, I booked it there and locked myself into a stall. I stared at my hands and pulled my feet up hoping they wouldn’t find me I wanted to fight and I wanted to get away from here, maybe it was a good idea for me to go to detention today.
“Maggie?” came a faint whisper as Ivy walked in looking for me, “Maggie please I know you’re in here, I’m the only one here you can talk to me we are best friends remember?”
I sighed and walked out and into her arms and let the unwelcoming tears fall, how much I wanted to tell her but I knew I couldn’t, I waited for my sobs to calm and told her
“Ivy you know I want to tell you but here isn’t good, please can you hang out with me after school and I’ll try my best to explain.” She just nodded and walked with me to class.
I sat there and stared at the bored then the most dreaded thing happened I saw a boy tall and fine come into the classroom, he was familiar by a very faint memory. My neck cramped and stung when he caught eye contact with me. He walked up to Mr. Jones explaining that he was new, and just got here, Mr. Jones told him to sit in the seat next to mine, he just smiled deadly at me. Ivy must have noticed my tension and asked, “Are you ok?” I didn’t look at her I didn’t want her to see my fear I could feel it dripping out of my pores like an aura, I just nodded and tried to recover my neutral face. The boy was introduced to the class, “O.K. everybody this is Will, he moved here from Portland, so tell me Will why did your family move to Boise?”
Will hesitated then said, “Not my family, they died, I’m moving here to live with my older brother.” His voice was heavy and husky; a hint of grief was struck in that voice, but for some reason I felt like reaching over and pulling his face to mine and kissing him.
“Oh I am terribly sorry, umm let’s get back to class.” said Mr. Jones embarrassedly.
Will smiled like a devil at me as he sat down, I growled. Mr. Jones turned quickly and said,
“My Mag…”
“MEO! Its Meo,” I snarled.
“Ugh, Fine Meo…what happens to be the problem, do you have reasons to snarl at Will I’m sure he’s done nothing to you.” He softly replied
“Oh please don’t blame her,” said Will “I accidentally kicked her leg so it’s mostly my fault.”
Then indicating to me he softly teased, “I am so very sorry I… hurt you.”
Restraining a growl I said with a smirk, “Oh, darling it won’t be a problem, it surly won’t bug me.” I added a teasing smile. He glared and sat down, enjoying the mood I was in I feared after school that was two bells away.
After class Will grabbed my arm and pulled me around the corner and outside then found an empty area. Looking around to make sure nobody was around he said,
“You remember me right?” I couldn’t hold it in any more I pulled him forward and kissed him. He didn’t hesitate pulled me closer his mouth slowly opened welcoming my tongue. He slowly pulled away and said,
“Take that as a yes.” He smiled and came in for more, but this time I pulled away and said,
“But if we have this kind of relationship why did you leave me out there?”
“I didn’t, you told me to leave you after I changed you… you said you hated me and you never wanted to see me again, I thought this is what you wanted but no you pushed me away. So why do you pull me close now?” He sadly smiled.
“I don’t know. I don’t know you. I thought it was something but it’s not.” I said and turned to walk away and then added, “I still want you near, but not this close…friends, ok.”
“Meo wait, please. You do know me, I know you.” He quickly grabbed my wrist.
“PSH. Please, you don’t even know my real name.” I growled and twisted my wrist away and ran off to class with ten minutes left until the end of the day. I sat down in my desk and was later caught up with Will. He sat a desk away from me and avoided eye contact. I felt bad, but not too bad. Ivy looked with question on her eyes I just smiled with pride and realized I’m the one who’s evil. I smiled at the thought, how silly I’m not evil, right.
The bell rang and I was hesitating on telling ivy the truth, but it was Friday and they were going to fort tonight so that could be my excuse. But maybe I wanted to tell her. I walked to my locker and turned the lock opening my locker and grabbing my longboard then I dropped it on the ground and rode it to Ivy’s locker avoiding eye contact with any teacher that looked in my direction. I was stopped a couple lockers away from Ivy’s and she looked in my direction and her jaw dropped it was Will that had stopped me he said,
“Please give me another chance you have to trust me.” He put on a sheepish smile
“No, just friends Will, just friends.” I choked flatly and longboarded away.
“What was that?!?!?!” choked ivy.
“EH, nothing he was lost and was asking were the bathroom was.” I snorted.
She smiled and we laughed and stalked out of the building excited to see our boys tonight. I pushed David out of my mind and made it all in to tell the truth to Ivy so I told her.
“Umm not weird or anything but we need to walk behind Camels Back cause yea.”
“Um, what’s going on?” she quietly asked.
“You’ll see it’s not weird I promise.” I smiled reassuringly at her.
We walked to Camels Back and then we took the trail back and I brought her back in the trail and then we were in a well hidden spot I said.
“O.K. promise not to scream?” She nodded and then I let it all fall. I felt my bones crack my blood heat up, my hair shorten, and I felt my spine rearrange. Then I looked up at her jaw had fell and she was staring wide eyed, I was ready to jump on her if she chose to run but I knew she was to confused. So I changed back to human form and said,
“Promise not to tell anyone its new and that’s my problem with Will, he’s the one who changed me, but don’t worry everything will stay the same right?” she stared a couple more minutes then said,
“EVERYTHING WILL BE THE SAME WHAT THE…!” she lowered her voice and said “my best friend is a black, blue eyed wolf and you…you…Ugh never mind but I totally understand we have been like the same forever I haven’t noticed the change till today, and you know what so what that’s awesome!”
Then we turned and walked to my house we were completely normal, I smiled and then that night it was a party.
“Ugh, why do we have to walk again…I don’t want to get sweaty and smelly.” Complained Ivy.
“If you don’t want to get sweaty then let’s go now so we can take our time… DUH!” I teased then I laughed and grabbed my longboard and really quick ran into the bathroom to look at what my appearance looked like. I smiled at the black that lined the rims of my eyes,
“Eyeliner…Check.” Then I looked in the full length mirror, smiled at my short shorts and tank top, “Oh, how they bring out my figure.” Smiled then walked out of the bathroom. Looked at Ivy, “Damn girl you don’t even try and you look stunning especially in blue!” I smiled
“Aw, thanks Maggie you look great too!” she replied.
I added, “But I’m not lezbo, just your best friend so I tell you the honest truth girl.”
She laughed and nodded in agreement,
“But come on we better get going so you don’t sweat and smell.” I teased
She glared and we walked out the door heading off to fort. When we had arrived Ivy ran off to Mohammed, while I walked off to find Gage. Unable to find him at the moment I went over to Jose, and that’s were I almost lost my temper and let out a low growl. Then I remembered I had to play along with this game, so I smiled devilishly and walked over to the boy who thought he could just be a part of my life now.
I smiled and Jose turned from Will and saw me,
“Meo, hey…Did you ever meat Will, he seems so gangster!” He smiled as he hugged me.
“Have I met Will,” I sarcastically smirked, “I believe he’s the one who stalked me like a puppy in school today.” I smiled at him as his smile faded.
He didn’t say anything, but I knew we were both on the edge of shifting forms and fighting each other bloody. I heard the rumble of his throat and smirked at his loosing.
He growled, “You truly are evil right now you know that right, I mean what did I ever do to you?”
I growled, “Abandoned me.”
He looked at me shame ran into his face he started to say something but I interrupted and said,
“left me to your brother when I almost bleed to death, and then told me that you would never care about me again.”
Jose and all of the others jaws dropped, ivy had came out and was trying to get to me before I lost it, but I could already feel that both of us had started our changing I looked neutral but he looked pissed and sad at the same time.
“MY BROTHER FOUND YOU??” he yelled.
“Didn’t I just say that??” I snapped back
Then something both of us didn’t expect happened a silver wolf had rammed me to the ground and now looked at me dead in the eyes I heard a voice in my head, and it had said
You are the new wolf I can smell it on you don’t you dare fight, I want you in my pack, but to do that you must fight me it smiled deadly.
“Challenge accepted.” I smiled back. Then he slowly walked off me and slowly looked at the claw marks on my shoulders I didn’t care about the blood everyone had a confused look except Will who was now held back but two big , strong looking boys. The wolf came at me and I grabbed him and threw him off of me and away into the distance. Then the wolf came running at me and when he was just twenty feet away, I let my barriers fall. Will yelled out “NO!” but it was two late I was the midnight black wolf with the lightning blue eyes. Everyone gathered around me and the wolf I fought as hard as I could but this was my first pack fight. Then something lashed out of my aura, it powered me I lashed out, and the wolf pack’s jaws dropped. I flew at the wolf and pinned him to the ground and said in the wolf voice who’s the winner now he smiled, I got off him and changed to my human form, and said, “I may as well be the leader now, but you can keep you leadership but I have to know who you are.” The wolf smiled and changed to its human form it was a girl, she smiled and said, “Hi, I’m Nickole, but you can call me Nicki.” I smiled and said it’s nice to meet you, but now I must do something, I lashed out my newly formed powers and made everyone but Ivy, that wasn’t a wolf, forget what they just saw. They all looked in confusion but we just ignored it. Nicki and I smiled and walked away with her pack and I brought Will and Ivy with us.

Will and Ivy looked scared I just smirked I was in a good mood, I had gotten the fight I wanted. I was carefully examining all of Nicki’s pack mates. One boy had really stood out it seemed as if he had magnets for my eyes I couldn’t look away from him. He looked over and caught eye contact with me, I smiled sheepishly at him, and he smiled back. He was familiar but I didn’t know how or why but I felt a little bit of feelings for him. I could hear my heart hammering, and then Nicki got my attention,
“So how exactly where you changed,” she smiled, “I mean you came out of nowhere really… I only heard there was a new wolf in the wild so I had to find you.”
“Well…” I hesitated I didn’t know the whole thing, “I was bit by him…” I said indicating to Will, “when he lost control…but otherwise I guess his brother was the one who changed me, I just never saw him it was too dark to see what he looked like…but otherwise…I don’t really know.”
Nicki smiled, Ivy gasped, and Will glared and interrupted our conversation.
“I didn’t lose control you pissed me off!” he yelled, “and then you slapped me and told me you never wanted to see me again… so I bit you but when I tried to change you, you pushed me away like you wanted to die you worthless b****!” nothing had bugged me till the end and then I lost control I jumped on him in wolf form causing Ivy to scream. It was terrible he changed our powers were equal. Nicki’s pack had started to come forward to break us apart but I snarled at them and she stopped them she grabbed Ivy and held her out of our reach. The fight was bloody, nasty, and loud. Our growling made Ivy cover her ears in fear of getting hurt. Then finally I got a good bite at the back of Will’s neck and bit hard, I shook my head back and forth till he held still in retreat. I let out a low snarl, and released his neck. When I changed back to human form Ivy saw my bloody mess and frowned, Nicki just commanded one of the strong men to pick me up and carry me the rest of the way. He came up and said,
“Hi, I’m Michael, your badly injured so Nicki has commanded me to carry you the rest of the way,” he smiled I tried to respond but I was losing conscious slowly, “wait are you passing out on me.” I just smiled and started to fall. He caught me and said “take that as a yes.” He chuckled and picked me up and carried me the way you’d carry a baby. I looked over his shoulder to see them pick up Will and I saw the one boy smile at me in a way I thought he was trying to say something but I passed out before I could figure it out.

When I awoke I was lying in a dark room everything in my body ached, my cuts were healed but they were scars now. I just laid there and examined the room. It was pretty I wanted it to be my room; it had a black comforter pillows on the bed. The walls were a midnight black. The only light was coming from a candle but it had a magnificent lamp that curved around itself like fire in the corner. Then there was the oak dresser with a rectangular mirror, I looked at myself they had changed my clothing I was now wearing a black tank top, and a pair of big plaid pajama pants. I was comfortable and then I wondered wait what time was it. I got up and walked out of the room I then realized I was in a mansion like house, I heard laughter and talking so I just walked down the hallway and followed the noise. When I finally found where the noise was coming from, Nicki and Michael were in the kitchen making breakfast. I looked over to Michael and said “What day is it?” he smiled and said
“Morning sunshine its Sunday you slept all through Saturday but that’s ok we didn’t do anything but discuss what would be happening now that you’re in our pack.” He smiled at me then handed me a plate of food; it had bacon eggs and hash browns on it. My mouth watered he smiled and said, “Come on eat girl I know you’re hungry.” I laughed and sat down next to him to eat as the others started coming up. “OH look, yay she’s awake.” They said and smiled and came to join me at breakfast. I was hugged by Ivy when she finally came up but when Will finally came up the whole pack tensed at my jaw clutching. Will just looked at me and said,
“I’m really sorry ok I wasn’t thinking and I was just scared.” He looked at me then came over holding out his hand as if he were asking for a friendly hand shake. I smiled and stood and grabbed his hand and said, “I don’t accept handshakes I accept hugs!” I laughed and pulled him into a hug he smiled and hugged me back the table relaxed then ate breakfast but I knew they had something in mind and that was what were they going to do now they had me in there pack. So I just ate and waited for them to tell me what was happening.

They all noticed my tension as I got up to put away my dishes and looked at me with question. What I feared was what if my powers made me want something other than just real food, because I was still hungry but for something more like meat. Then I remembered I wanted to find out who the boy that was strangely attractive. I then examined the table with question in my eyes; when I caught eye contact with Nicki she did say,
“OH, Right your probably wondering who’s who.” She continued, “You know Me, Ivy, Will, and Michael… but everyone else of the twelve of us can introduce themselves.” She said as she got up. A tall, skinny, but muscular boy stood up and said, “Jake.” He smiled and when and put his plate away. Then a pretty redheaded girl stood up and said, “Hi! I’m Alice.” She smiled really big and walked away following Jake. Then three boys that looked like brothers stood up and one by one they said their names a tall, pale, orange headed boy laughed, “Brandon.” He hugged me as he walked by, then a skinny, pale, red headed boy smiled following Brandon said, “Patrick.” He just padded me on the back, last there was the tall, lanky, and black haired boy that mumbled out, “Gabriel.” He walked by and cautiously checked me out before hugging me and following Patrick. Nicki then said, “They are brothers so yea be aware of their fights.” She smiled and continued washing the dishes. Then two girls and a boy came over and said, “We are related to each other but yea.” Then a girl with purple hair and lots of black eyeliner came up and squeaked, “Julia’s the name darling.” I just smiled at her as she walked away. Then came her sister who had pink hair and no make-up on and quietly whispered, “Hannah.” She shook my hand and smiled. Last then came their brother he had a green Mohawk and said, “Dunkin.” He smile and hugged me then followed his sisters. I then smiled, “thanks it’s nice to know you all now, but imma gonna go change I’ll be back down in a bit ok?”
Nicki smiled and said “ok, all your clothing is in the dresser we went and picked it up from your house…you can live here now if you want.”
I just smile and nodded my head then I turned to leave, I still wondered were that handsome boy was and what his name was I wondered if he was even here. My question was soon answered, they boy was waiting cautiously against the wall near my door. He had dark brown hair and a very skinny and tan body. He looked up and smiled,
“I’ve wanted to talk to you, my name is James.”
I smiled at him then questioned, “If you wanted to talk to me so bad why didn’t you come down to breakfast?” I added a teasing smile.
“Well, I hope you don’t mind but I want to talk to you alone in your room.” He added a teasing wink as he opened the door to my room and held out a hand as if I should hold it and follow. I took his hand gently as he slowly pulled me close the smell of Curve Cologne made me dizzy and the shock of his fingers against mine was making me lose my mind, he smile and pulled me into my room and cautiously shut the door.

The author's comments:
To be continued,
just wanted suggestions first

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