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July 30, 2012
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I am stupid or well was. At lest everyone at age 16 is or that’s what my father told me. I stood outside his window looking at it like some creeper. It was all my fault this happened the first place. I couldn’t stand thinking about it but I guess its story time and I have to face the facts. Before I jump into the story I should tell you some things about me. My name is Ally Mae Jonson. I am 16, five foot two with long shiny blonde hair that almost reaches to the bottom of my back. I am scared of almost everything but that never stops me from living my life. I use to love someone but I wrecked it all. His name was Dan, Dan Little ( He wasn’t short through). It all started this begging of 10 grade when I moved to White Falls High school.

It was the first day of school and I was lost, of course ( I am bad at directions. I always need a GPS). I was walking down the hall staring at the room numbers that I walked by when I bumped into him. It was like love at first sight. He had brown wavy hair and blue dreamy eyes that you could get lost into like a ocean. “Oh my, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to.” I said but truth is I would love to bump into him any day. “Don’t worry about it .” He said with a smile.” Are you new here. You look a little lost.”

I was lost all right, lost in his eyes but of course he didn’t know that. He helped me out and showed me all my classes ( He was in most of them). Ever since that day we started to hang out more. Went to the movies ( as friends) , study together, and even went to home coming together. On one after noon he knocked on my door out of random. I answered the door and he had the strangest look on his face. I knew something was up. “ Hey Ally I just came here to say….ummm.” He trailed off.

“Ummmm?” I said with a smile. “What a nice word to say to a girl on a wonderful day, don’t you think?” That made him laugh.

“ No that’s not what I really came for. I came for this.” He came closer and pulled my in. He kissed me softly on the lips. Right then and there fire works went shooting off. I was in love and I knew it. “ Yes.” I said softly.

“Yes?” He said well looking into my eyes. Wow was he handsome.

“Yes I will go out with you.”

He laughed. “Oh right, that’s what I suppose to ask. Ally would you like to go out tomorrow night?” He had the most charming smile and of course I couldn’t say no.

“Yes I would love to.” He smiled so widely and kissed me on the cheek.

“Pick you up around seven.” That was the happiest moment I had ever felt before. There was one problem I forgot to tell him that day. My parents don’t like me dating ( They feel guys only want one thing that they cant have from me until after I get married) . My mom was the only one home that day besides me. She was the most hardest to get away with things but I knew she liked Dan a lot.

“Hey mom, can I ask you something?” I said with a little worried in my voice. I knew she could sense it. She always do.

” Yes dear?” She said looking up from her paper. “Can I go out with Dan tomorrow night?” She was hard to read at that moment.

“Of course, just be back before ten. You know how we are with time.” Wow tough cookie went soft?

“Thanks mom.” I said and gave her a big hug. The next day Dan showed up ten after seven. I was wearing my nicest par of jeans and a Bears tank top (What? I have never been on a date before, gosh.) He showed up in nice blue jeans with a dress shirt ( of course). He laughed when he first saw me.

” Ready for a Bears game aren’t you? Sorry to say we are not going to one tonight.” he smiled.
“It’s my first date ok?” In the car it was pretty quite ( What car ride isn’t?) and we were listening to Tim McGraw music. He took me to a nice park in the country side. We walked past the tables and play ground and into the woods ( kind of creepy right? ). “ Going to murder me in the woods or what?” He laughed.

” No Ally, you just have to wait and see. Patients Ally, patients.” I smiled.

” Maybe I will just murder you instead.” We finally stopped walking and he covered my eyes so I couldn’t see a thing.” Where almost here, just count to ten ok?” I started to count. “One….two…..five……..ten!” I opened my eyes and right in front of me was a beautiful water fall with a candle lit dinner by it.

“Like it?” He asked with a smile.

“ No I hate it with passion. Of course Dan, I love it. How in the world did you find this place?” He smiled again ( He always smiles).

“You know, I have people.” After that we ate some chicken and rice with a side salad. I think his mom made it, its to good to be Dan’s cooking. Then we went swimming in are clothes. We kind of forgot about the car but I don’t think he really cared. After wards I got really cold and we cuddle for a little bit watching the stars. He dropped me off a little before ten and kissed me on the cheek. That was the best first date anyone could ever have.

Since that day we always we together holding hands and hugging until summer came. I had to go away to a camp in California for volley ball. That’s where I really screwed up. I should never have gone to that camp in the first place. Before I went to camp for the summer I promised to write him once a week and I gave him a big kiss on the lips before I went.

When I got to camp there was two sides, the guys and the girls. We had to run a lap once a day and was in the gym three times a day. At night time we had a little free time to chill and do what ever we want ( that’s when the guys would hang with the girls). I never talked with any of the guys until one day. This about 5 foot 8 blonde guy came up. We started to talk about volley ball then one thing lead to the other. We kissed. I was freaking out I couldn’t believe it. Not just once but four times and I never told him I had a boy friend back home. Yes of course I loved Dan but I was confused at that time and I couldn’t stop.

At the end of camp I left without saying goodbye to anyone. I got home and there sat Dan and my parents holding a welcome back cake. When I first saw Dan’s face that day I was having a melt down. I felt so guilty I couldn’t handle it.

At the end of the day me and Dan were alone outside staring up at the sky. “Ally?” He said softly. “I love you” He said for the first time. My heart was beating so fast I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Dan, I love you to but I have to tell you something.” His face turned a little worried.

“What’s wrong babe?” I couldn’t quit think of the right words to say.” I cheated on you at camp.” His face turned sour. “I kissed a guy nothing els and nothing more. I feel so bad Dan I love you and I cant stand it. That guy means nothing to me.”

He put his hand in front of my face to stop me from saying anything els. “ I am sorry Ally I cant take this, were done.” He said as tears poured down his face and walked off.

I sat there in my room for a whole week crying and being mad at myself. I loved him so much and now his gone. Now I am here standing outside his window hoping to see him again like a stalker. I blew the window a kiss and whispered “ I love you Dan Little forever and always”.

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Zoya_Khan said...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 3:36 pm
It's really nice :) :) :)
Logan_Elizabeth28 said...
Oct. 12, 2012 at 9:16 am
beautiful :)  
HarryPotterLover30 said...
Sept. 22, 2012 at 6:45 pm
Pretty good! i like it. Keep going!  
garshongjasmine said...
Sept. 17, 2012 at 10:57 am
beautiful piece well written... read it all the way anticipating...
DanielM said...
Aug. 8, 2012 at 4:52 pm
Great story!!! I really feel the emotion that the girl shows
MaeSilver said...
Aug. 8, 2012 at 1:36 pm
Oh wow, I really liked this story. I think you really produced a story almost everyone can relate to. Thank you for the post :)
DedicatedDetermination said...
Aug. 8, 2012 at 1:35 pm
Some minor grammatical errors but all in all it was good and I enjoyed it. It was very touching and easy to relate to.
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