In a Seconds Time

August 1, 2012
Dear Meredith,

Your green eyes flashed across my mind. All I can ever think of is your eyes these days. Like when we used to go to the beach they would sparkle in the sun. Or how when you were tired they would get this beautiful emerald color. In times like these I think of how many times i have seen your green eyes. Countless probably. But lets start with my favorites. There was that time when we went for a walk in the park and it started to rain. You pulled me in close and put your jacket over our heads. And then there was that time when you kissed me... I will never forget it. The way your lips tasted like peppermint and your bangs swept across your eyes. Your big beautiful green eyes. I remember the times when we fought. But i like to forget them. Because right here, right now. I'm here and your six feet below me. I guess i write these kind of letters and sit here and read them to you for some kind of grieving. I mean you always told me when you have nothing too hole on to let go. But i cant do that... Wanna know why? Well Meredith you have no opitiion because ill tell you anyway. I love you. Always have always will. And at some-point i will find a way to move on but not today. Did i tell you about this girl i met? Her name was Rose. Shes blond, yeah i know what your thinking "Conner what the hell is your problem discussing women with your dead girlfriend?!" Well i just wanted you to know that i think i might like her. Not like how i loved you but i might like her. She has your eyes... Your big beautiful green eyes.


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peacelovedance99 said...
Aug. 17, 2012 at 6:01 pm
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