Too Young

July 31, 2012
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“What’s wrong, are you not happy?” Victor snarls as Demi crosses through the middle of the school’s gym to an open door leading outside.

Demi barley glances at Victor. She does not need Victor right now. His perfect jade eyes, football jacket, annoying comets, and a D in math will not help her today. Her world has finally shattered into tiny little pieces, and she knows that she does not have long. She has nothing left, with all of her might she turns around and does not yell as she says. “Does it matter?”

“The spoiled princess does not get everything she wants, it should be a crime.”

“I am not a spoiled princess.”

“Off course you are, you get everything you could ever want.” He says as he steps in front of her, blocking her way.

“I did not get to choose where I would be.” Demi says simply as she steps around Victor and continues walking to the exit.

“Were do you want to be?” Victor says slightly hoping she would say she would want to be with him.

“In Jason’s place.” She whispers more to herself then to him, as her eyes rest a pone his one last time.

Victor takes Demi’s ice cold hand into his and asks, “Why, is life not as perfect as a fairytale?”

“It would be easier.”

“Who is Jason?” he asks curiously.

Without an answer, Demi pulls away from him and walks outside. Victor is left to standing in the empty gym, with only the memory of Demi.

Outside, Demi runs down the few steps leading to the old graveyard next to the school yard. She cannot keep her eyes off of the different graves with people’s names carved into the stone. If Demi could choose where she would be right now everything would be different. She would choose to be in a box, berried in the cold November earth. With her name carved into stone.

Victor fallows Demi into the grave yard. He watches as her brown hair blows into her eyes, and how she still concentrates on the names of the deceased. “Where are you going to be?” he asks unable to resist the irony of the place they are standing in.

“I have no future.” She says as she rereads one of the grave stones.

“Don’t be silly, everyone has a future.” He snickers. “So where is yours going to take you?”

Demi cannot concentrate on the words coming out of Victor’s mouth. The name on the grave stone keeps repeating in her mind. “Jason.” She finally whispers.

“How did Jason die?” he says as he glances at the grave stone Demi has stopped at.

“It was my fault, and I should be the one who died.”

“Do not say that!”

“But it is the truth.”

“But you are here now, what does it matter if someone named Jason died a few years ago?” Victor whispers. He should be mad at Demi. He should be so ferrous with her, because she is changing him. She made him care about the future, and a little less on football. How can someone just step in and out of his life with only hateful words and change him.

“Everything matters.” Demi says as her world falls into a fog. She falls into Victors strong arms. Her world turns dark as he lays her down on the ground to get help.

It has been over a week since Victor visited the grave yard. He is dressed nicely in a black suit, but the whole town is filled with black. The preacher stands in front of the towns people, he talks but Victor only stares at the grave stone. In clear letters Demi is carved into the granite stone.

“She was too young.” Victor thinks as he drops a red rose.

The town’s people start walking back into their comfortable lives, lives without fear. Only Colbie stays. She was Demi’s friend, but she is still like the towns people. They could never understand Demi, but Victor could only love her from a far.

Colbie turns to Victor when all of the town’s people have left and says, “She was sick for a long time.”

“No one knew she just hid it from everyone.” Victor says trying not to cry.

“She did not want people’s pity, special not yours.”

“I wish I did not hate her for all of those years.”

“She knew you did not hate her.”

“I was so scared; I did not have anything to hold on.” Victor says as he wipes a tear from his cheek. “But now it is all black.”

“She would want you to have a future.” Colbie says as she turns from her friend’s grave and walks up the dirt path to the high school, leaving Victor alone.

“I always loved you.” he whispers.

Victor knows that Demi’s future was cut short. Even though she will not be in his future, somehow life moves on. She will always be in his memories.

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writer3499 said...
Aug. 16, 2012 at 8:49 am
Wow that was tragic in a really fantastic way! The story line was really sad and the way you described everything made it sound that much better!! You did an amazing job!!
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