Roza and Vlad

July 19, 2012
I see him here sleeping with such stillness and calm, his battle ready body at peace in this bed with me. Slowly I sit up and touch his arm. I run my fingers down his arm as he stirs and wakes. “How long have you been awake?” He looks at me sleepily. “Not long.” I reply,“ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” Sitting up he takes my hand gently in his. “ You never do Roza.”
Looking down I speak,” I saw Dorian again in my dream, it looked like he was almost healed completely. Vlad I’m worried…” He embraces me before I can say more. Coming closer to him I can feel warmth radiate from his body. I can smell his scent, the sweet earthy aroma that drives me mad.
He’s gone, locked away in London where he’ll never hurt you again. I won’t allow it, not while there’s air in my lungs.” Not while he’s alive, not while he’s breathing. My eyes fall on the scar across his chest. The scar he got from fighting. The scar he got from protecting me. The scar I caused. A scar that is my fault.
“With me around that might not be for long, I’ll be your death.” Silence. Then out of nowhere he kisses me. A full, passionate, and longing kiss. His lips lock with mine as I kiss him back. As we kiss he lays me on my back still in his embrace. Releasing me he looks down at me. “Your my life. Without you I would have no reason to fight death. I love you and always will.”
I look at him only inches away from me. His eyes tell me he is not lying. He really loves me. I kiss him again and whisper in his ear,” I love you too.” We kiss again for what seems like forever. When we part I stay in his embrace and sleeps soundly knowing whatever nightmares come, I am safe here in Vlad’s arms.

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