The Sky Is Everywhere

July 28, 2012
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He has scores of messy light brown curls that flop every and which way, and eyelashes so spider leg long and thick that when he blinks he looks he's batting those light green eyes right at you. His face more open than a book like a wall of graffiti really..
At some point he looks sun drenched and windswept. As though he's on a sail boat.. I find my eyes drinking him in, his broad chest and strong arms.
His eyes kind of widen and spark before he quickly looks away. His soft words dissipating into the night like smoke.. His eyes rove my face then the corners of his mouth begin to curl upward.
I feel the current coursing between us, rip out of control inside of me. I feel so reckless like I'm reeling with him into the air, no regard for safety or consequence, with no regard for anything but speed and daring and being hungrily and greedily alive.
Over that cliff the waves call me even more towards him. For one split second we face each-other. Its like diving into a mirror. In my heart at that moment there is one bad a** flower captured in time lapse photography, going from bud to bud to wild radiant blossom in ten seconds flat.
Our tongues had fallen madly in love and moved to Vienna.. He smiles but not like usual, there's a vulnerability in it.. A hesitancy all over his face swimming around his green eyes. He trails his fingers across my cheek. Now I understand why King Edward VIII abdicated his throne fore love. If I had a throne Is abdicate it to relive the last three seconds.
He always looks cartoon dopey after his desirable sessions of kissing. I look deeper into the green and I am sailing..soaring.
If only I can follow his raging volcanic heart..Say a few more unwritten pages. All I can do is pour my soul to him.
After all ..all I have to offer is memories. That day in time when his face seemed restless like it didn't know what to remote.
And then out of the blue he smiles and in all the places around the globe where its night
Day Breaks

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