That Day (Part 1)

July 24, 2012
The bus is crowded and loud. I feel like I’m at the monkey part in a zoo. I tune everything out with my music as thoughts crowd my brain; about homework assignments and my B- in stupid science. Sophomores shouldn’t have to stress this much. I get off the bus, one tired, heavy, sleepy step at a time. I managed to look decent today with my skinny jeans and huskies sweatshirt. Fall just started and I feel like I’ve been stuck at this school forever now don’t get me wrong-I love school, but… I’m not that much of a morning person. Not fitting in with all the latest styles and having the knockoffs of everything, and oh forgot to mention my big, dark brown, wavy hair makes me stand out like a fish out of water. I have a lot of friends I love to death; it’s just sometimes I feel like school is all about the drama. And when I say drama, I mean boyfriends! Luckily, but not luckily for me, I never really understand what’s the big deal if your boyfriend didn’t text you? I don’t understand all these girls’ feelings because I’ve never felt that way about someone. Just another thing that makes me stand out. Let me clarify something; I love being unique, it’s just hard when your friends going through a breakup and you want to say “Its ok, I know”…BUT YOU DON’T KNOW! I just keep smiling, and that covers up the rage of fire, hate and jealousy when I see a couple. The pounding in my head adds to it. Whatever, I just keep telling myself he will come around someday. He probably just lost directions. When I tell myself that, the fire starts sizzling down, and the pounding gets lighter.
I get to my locker and Danielle is already there. She can tell by the look on my face that something is wrong. “Hey Mia what’s wrong?” “Nothing” I say immediately, adding a fake smile. She gives me a concerned look and I turn to my locker to avoid the Dani talk! I’m so lucky to have a friend like Danielle, she always figures out how to put a smile on my face. With her short brown straight hair and big boobs, she looks like a super hero! Always ready to save my day from going downhill. We start walking to first period as Dani says “Oh hottie on left!!!” I grin and turn my head to the left, a hot guy standing with a bunch of popular girls. “Looks like an a**hole! But he is pretty cute!” I say and we walk on. I drop my books off at class and Dani and I go get Emily at her locker. I’m searching for her light brown hair and her flawless freckled face, when my shoulder slams into someone and arms get tangled together. I hear the papers fly through the air and the crash as a text book hits the ground. I should really watch where I’m going. “Oh gosh! I’m sorry!” I say. I look up to see who the victim was from my clumsy mistake. My breath stops at the sight of his beautiful hazel eyes.
Her brown eyes look up at me and my heart is vibrating my body and roaring in my ears. My books are still freaking splattered on the ground and I look like a loser not saying anything. I finally find the voice to say “Oh no it’s my fault...” Then there is a pause. “My names Jack by the way.” I say and smile, trying to make it less awkward. She starts picking up my books and I reach down to help her out. “Mia” she says and hands me my books. When she sees my smile, she smiles back. She’s beautiful and has gorgeous dark brown long hair. Her smile lights up the room. She tucks a hair behind her ear and walks off. I didn’t even realize my friends were laughing until she was out of sight. “Nice job dropping your books bro!” “Yeah smooth move!” I laugh and keep going as Mia is echoing through my brain; the way she steps the way her eye lashes were long and the way she smiled just replay through my brain. Like a song stuck in your head, her melody makes me smile for no reason. “Dude why are you smiling?” Chris says and Tony just looks at me. “No reason. Let’s go.” I say as we walk off and the melody keeps replaying. Then as if someone turned off the melody and forced it to stop, Chloe walks around the corner.
“Hi Cutie!” she says flirtatiously. Chloe has been my girlfriend for a month now. My friends practically forced me to ask her out. They were all like, “oh she’s so hot” and blah blah blah. I don’t even like her. Her beach blonde curls bounce vivaciously and she gets whatever she wants with her blue eyes that she puts pounds of makeup on. We’ve kissed only once, but it was only because my friends forced me. She can be a total brat, but she’s really good at sports. Chloe makes me hang out with all the popular people. She says it will “Improve our image.” What image?! We’ve been going out for a month. I really don’t know what to do. I’ve always thought I should break up with her, and I want to. As the melody is still playing in the back of my mind, breaking up with her sounds better and better.

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everythingwillbeok_faith said...
Aug. 18, 2012 at 9:09 pm
Thank you so much! I will defintley check out your writing! I bet its amazing! Thanks so much again!! 
Lovemelovemenot said...
Aug. 10, 2012 at 8:00 pm
Why am i the first person to comment on this?! :D  This is brilliant!!!! Great job and i know (from a one-story experience of my own) that it can be a little bit hard to change the perspectives. You didn't hesitate at all though and did a great job with it!!! I think i'm going to be hooked to your writing soon! 5 out of 5 from me!!!! Please keep writing?
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