An Angel

July 21, 2012
By Anonymous

The car was full of cold air. Nobody talked. The man in the driver seat had a small devilish smile on his face. The lady next to him had no emotion. She was fixing her make-up. She had to be about 40 and her husband had to be maybe 50. They both had little greys in the front of their head. Their teenage daughter sat next to me behind her mother. She resembled me in age though. Her make-up and skimpy clothing made her look older-a see-through neon green shirt and a tight short body skirt. Matter of fact, they all were dressed weird. Her mother wore a tight shirt that read ‘Bebe’, and skinny jeans, and her father had on American Eagle shirts and khaki shorts. They were dressed like they were younger-or older in their daughter’s case.
It was quiet. No other cars were on the road. It was this little family travel to somewhere and picked up a hitch hiker with no problem. They seemed nice. They didn’t even bother asking about my tatter clothing, or dingy hair. They probably thought I was homeless, or a hobo. But I was neither.
The word Angel echoed around in my head. I tried to ignore it, but the memory of the fortune teller kept coming back.
My friends and I thought it would be fun to have our fortunes told. It was for them, but for me it was life changing. I don’t believe in that stuff anyway, but now I’m kind of thinking different. A door opened up for me, and I might choose to walk through it. The teller told Angie and Beth-my two best, and only, friends since ever-they will both have life changing news in their future, after touching their hands for a while. Beth was thrilled to hear that, because she wanted to go to Yale to become a doctor. Angie wanted to play Soccer at Umass, and was waiting for them to reply back to her. I on the other hand, was bad at both school and sports. I was only ever good at music. I played piano, Sax, and Guitar, and unless I was going to get asked to play for Frank Sanatra, I had no good news coming in my future. She tell told me something I can’t shake from my mind.
“Angel?” she questioned with her eyes closed, “You’re an Angel” she smiled sweetly, but slowly it faded. “No….n-no…it can’t be” her eyes opened wide and she took her hand back with great force. “Get out” she waved me away, and creped away from me. “Get out! Before he comes for you!”
I don’t know what she saw, but that freaked me out. The girls told me not to worry.
“It’s all fake anyway” Angie said, rubbing my back as we all walked out of her store.
I tried to pay no mind to it, but her voice, the fear in her face, it all kept coming back to me. Beth drove us both home after that, but I couldn’t shake that woman’s voice, so I went for a quick run. I ran till I got to the bay, and rested for a bit. But before I knew it, my weird day got weirder. I heard someone call my name, but couldn’t find the face to match it. I was the only one there I thought. It had gotten very dark too. When I started walking towards the path I came from, something grabbed me and threw me into one of the poles. After that all I remember is a dark voice that called my name. I woke up in the middle of the forest, and heard the cars on the highway. The first thing I did was look if my clothes were ripped or gone, but they were just damp and dirty. I must’ve been there for the whole night and part of day. My Dads probably worried sick. But how did I get from the beach to the main highway anyway?
As I looked around their car I noticed something in the mirror. About 2 or 3 cars were coming up behind us speeding like bats out of h*ll. They were in a car like ours-a blue Subaru-and didn’t slow down for nothing. They flew past us, but nobody else worried about them. The Surbaru’s stopped short and the cars behind them slammed on their brakes but the hit was too much. The cars were shattered like glass and bodies were gone. I jumped a little, but the family acted as if it was totally normal. They stopped and the cars pulled up right besides us.
“So” the lady began, turning to face me, “where do you wanna go first Lilly, Limbo to see your mother?” then her human face started to transformed to something demonic.
Lilly? How did they know my name? I never told them it. And my mother died giving birth to me. I never even met her. Only saw pictures and heard stories.
Her blue eyes and tan skin turned white and lifeless. The girl laughed, digging into her skin with her fingernails. I tried to get out, but the door was locked. The sweet family that picked me up was not normal, and I don’t think they were as sweet as I thought either. I put my back to the car door, and tried to imagine something good. But the door was torn off, and I fell out. More pale faces and white eyes were surrounding me. I screamed, but they laughed. Their laughs were high pitched and shrilly. They made my ears want to bleed. One grabbed me up off the road, and licked the side of my face. Its tongue was cold and slimly as if a slug just walked across my face.
“Our Father will love to see how much you grown” he said.
“I hope you have fun in H*ll” one with a high creepy voice said.
My eyes opened wide at what he said.
“The only one going to H*ll is you” someone said, following with blood flying everywhere.
I closed my eyes. The hands that were holding me let go, dropping me on the road again. I put my hands over my head. The person that was killing these creatures was talking in an ancient tongue. Tears were running down my face uncontrollably. If this was the end I was so ready for it to all ends now. The sound of people getting hit cut and shot overwhelmed me. When something touched me, I freaked out. I swung my arms until they locked with someone’s jaw, but I ended up hurting myself instead. It felt like I just hit a solid statue. I opened my eyes and screamed out of pain, but when saw massive white wings flapping I stopped. I was speechless.
An Angel.
“Sorry about that” He put his arms around me, “Come with me” and flew off.
I just hit an Angel.

The author's comments:
i just needed a break from my summer homework for my Honor Classes I'm taking next year and a free write turned into this.

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