July 6, 2012
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As Mia and Dax lay out under the clear, starry night on Mia’s trampoline, Dax couldn’t help thinking how perfect Mia looked. Beautiful with dazzling eyes and a smile that could stun any guy. She looked as though she could be a model, and there she was, wrapped in Dax’s arms. “For some reason, this is how life was supposed to be”, thought Dax.

“Mia, I was thinking…”spoke Dax.


“I was thinking that someday, we could have a normal life. You won’t have to spend so much time in the hospital, because I’d be there. I could take care of you! You’re doctor even said you seemed saner since I’ve been in the picture… Sorry, that was far-fetched.”

Mia laid there quietly thinking. “I know…” she spoke softly. “I’ve been so good lately. You seem to fill that void… the void; the emptiness only mu imagination could fill.”

“Mia, if you could do one thing right now, what would it be?” Dax didn’t know why he asked. Why would he want to know what Mia wants? Does she want him? No… but does he really want to know?

“Well, I guess I’d cure my head! How about you, Dax?”

Dax thought about this one, once more. What was the truth? If he could do one thing at that moment, what would he do? “Well…I guess…I’d kiss you… you know… so you knew how I felt!” he chocked out.

Mia didn’t say anything for some time then. Dax could tell they were both thinking about what he just said. They were best friends, never anything romantic until that night. It was Mia. Little Mia who locked herself in a closet and made of fantasies to escape the real world. The girl who never talked to anyone. Yes Mia, the girl he just told the truth to.

“Well Dax”, she spoke quietly,” Why don’t you kiss me?”

“Because I’ve been waiting for a moment like this.” Just then, Mia turned over and faced Dax. He looked at her as though it was the first time he ever saw her. He leaned in and kissed her. Soon he felt Mia’s arms around his neck, and his own arms move around her waist. He wanted her close to him. He wanted her to never leave. He wanted to believe life was normal for both of them. He wanted Mia.

For a second, Dax believed they could run away. Far away from the hospital and all the brain doctors that told Mia, she’d never be normal, but that wasn’t possible. She needed those doctors and the comfort of her home. She never did well with change. Who was he kidding; he was only 17 and Mia only 16. They were only children and taking her away wouldn’t help her cause much.

They finally broke apart, when Mia spoke. “Dax, I was thinking also. Would, if we ever did get married, have children, because I couldn’t do it. You said you would take care of me, but what if you died like my father died and left me to deal with a child all by myself! I know this is insane to think, but I couldn’t do it! I’m sorry. I’m just so unstable and I couldn’t deal with the pregnancy and child birth! Dax! It terrifies me! I couldn’t do it! I just couldn’t!!” By the end, Mia was yelling, and crying trying to get away from Dax.

“Mia, you are fine! Listen to me! You are fine!”

“No this world, my future scares me Dax! Let me go!” She yelled as she tried to break Dax’s hold around her.

“No Mia. You are not running to your closet to escape this! You need to face reality for once. I promise your future will be whatever you want it to be! You have so much going for you! Remember you are the lead in the play! You have great grades! You are the most creative person I know! Amelia Luxis, please stop crying. You and I will go to collage. I will continue playing soccer and you will be an actress. We will live where you want, but no mater what, I will take care of you. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I promise.”



“Please don’t lie to me. Please don’t break your promise to me. I couldn’t deal with it.”

“I promise, I won’t break it.”

Mia lay back in Dax’s arms, still crying, but silently now. Dax didn’t know what to do, so he just continued to hold her. He was happy to have Mia. The Mia who locked herself in a bathroom closet to escape reality, because that Mia was the most perfect Mia there could be.

The author's comments:
I kinda had a night like this, but I hated it. I wanted to rewrite who was there and what happened. It turned out, it fit perfectly into the story line of a book I want to write. Please tell me what you think! :D

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