Blind Faith

July 3, 2012
By Anonymous

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well where do I fit in with that? Sorry I'm blind. I come from a tiny town. My own personal world is even tinier. I'm limited because I can't see. But even without sight, I can tell a lot about people. Seriously, it's true. For instance, I know that even though she bretends she doesn't, Avery, my best friend, is dying to know what The Accident is, and why I'm secretive about it. And I know that one of her two sisters (Ave's a triplet), Amanda, is totally uninterested in anything other than shoes and her boyfriend, even though last month in her audition for the play, she talked about how important it was to pay attention to world issues. I know that Alice, the genius of the three knows more about anything, that's the reason she uses to get away from this crazy a** town. But mostly, I know about myself...I know that I'm absolutely positively in love with Noah, Amanda's boyfriend. Love. Even though in the 10 years I've known him, he's said like, maybe 200 words to me. Yeah. But I know he's nice. I know he's perfect, because of his voice, and because every time he walks by, I catch a scent of Ralph Lauren Polo (Avery and I spent almost 2 hours in Sephora smelling perfumes and colognes to figure out which one was his). But the reality is, nobody, not Avery, not Noah, not anyone, would ever know what really happened 6 years ago on that terrible night in June. I went home every day on a short bus. Don't think I don't hear them, laughing, making jokes about me. Don't think I can't feel anything. Don't think I can't hear all the laughter at my cluelessness. That's right, I do. So f*** you society. Kiss my blind a**.

"I always knew you were right for me, Jamie. You're perfect." Noah Addams said. "How can you say that, I'm blind." " Because, I can see you, silly. And you're perfect, and gorgeous, and absolutely wonderful. And I don't care what happened in the past. I don't care about your Dad, or Travis and Amelia, or anyone. I love you, from your head down to your toes, especially your gorgeous eyes." That's when I knew it was a dream. He knew about what has happened. And for that, I can't let him go. HE KNEW NOTHING ABOUT THEM. HE KNEW NOTHING ABOUT MY DADDY OR ABOUT TRAVIS AND THAT GOD AWFUL WOMAN. I woke up panting, sweating.So the dream was back. Great. F***ing Awesome. So the 7 year anniversary was gonna bring it around again. Just like every year before. I can't wait.

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