Young Love

July 5, 2012
By arichman40 PLATINUM, Basalt, Colorado
arichman40 PLATINUM, Basalt, Colorado
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“Son, I need to talk to you,” Matt Jenson called to his son.
“Yes father?” Tyler Jenson responded, coming into the room.
“You have come of age and the time has come for you to choose a bride,” his father told him.
Tyler walked into his father’s chamber and there he saw the magic mirror that would help him choose his bride.
“Mirror, mirror on the wall, please help me choose the perfect bride of them all,” Tyler recited.
“I will show you three girls,” the mirror told him. “One of these three girls, from your choosing, will bbecomeyour bride.”
The first girl Tyler saw was a mid western girl who was rich and couldn’t wait to be spoiled more than she already was.
“Too selfish,” Tyler told the mirror.
The next girl was a shy and quiet girl who was trapped in a tower surrounded by lava and a fire breathing dragon who was holding her captive. Dreaming of the one boy who would dare to risk his life to rescue her.
“Hmmm. A possibility,” Tyler remarked. “Show me my last choice.”
The last girl Tyler was shown was a poor girl, helplessly being controlled by her step family and waiting for her true love’s kiss.
“Wow,” Tyler sighed. “I choose…number two.”
“Tyler Jenson,” the mirror announced. “You have chosen Claire Hammond.”
“Claire,” Tyler repeated.
He gazed at her picture. She was so pretty. With long brown hair and brown eyes. With her tender facial expression, she looked radiant to him.
“I shall rescue her myself,” he announced. “And ask her to be my bride.”
“Son,” his father called to him. He entered the room moments before Tyler was going to head out. “Have you chosen your bride?” he asked.
“Yes father,” Tyler replied proudly. “I have chosen Claire Hammond. I am taking Stallion and I am going to rescue her myself.”
“Now that’s my son,” his father exclaimed.
The next morning, Tyler was up with his armor and sword in his belt and with Stallion, he was off.
“Day after day, I am here waiting,” Claire sighed. “Waiting for my knight in shinning armor, my true love to rescue me.”
A blast of hot air blew into the room.
“Oh, stop showing off, hot breath,” Claire complained. “You’re the reason I’m stuck here. Unlike all the other girls who meet their true love naturally, I’m stuck here, waiting for my true love to rescue me.”
Tyler was still galloping trough the woods, enjoying the ride, until an ogre appeared, blocking Tyler’s path.
“This is my home,” the ogre growled. “Leave or you bbecomemy dinner.”
“Please ogre, I won’t disturb you. I’m just trying to reach the tallest mountain,” Tyler explained.
The ogre didn’t move.
“Alright then,” Tyler said. “Let’s go Stallion.”
He took out his sword and began. The ogre put up quite a fight, but in the end, he ran away and let Tyler pass.
“I wonder what he’ll look like,” Claire sighed. “I hope he has blond hair and blue eyes.”
She was in her room, dreaming of her true love. “He’ll be the one to come to my rescue and I’ll bbecomehis bride.”
As Tyler rode up to the mountain, he began to see a glimpse of the tower. When he reached the top, he felt the heat of the lava as he slowly galloped across the bridge. Opening the door, he made his way in. it was quiet, too quiet. As he galloped towards the only bedroom he knew was in the tower, he felt a sudden puff of hot air on his neck.
“Oh. I didn’t know there was a heat wave in here…” Tyler suddenly stopped.
He had found the fire breathing dragon. Or, even scarier, the dragon had found him.
Reaching for his sword, he started to defend himself, circling around the dragon, delaying his rescue of Claire and in an epic battle with the dragon. The fire was so hot; the tip of Tyler’s sword was burned. Eventually, Tyler and Stallion ended up back on the bridge where Tyler plunged the sword into the dragon’s heart and the dragon fell into the lava where he perished.
Tyler then galloped back into the tower and headed for Claire’s room. Opening the door, he saw her lying on her bed. He got off Stallion and walked over. He knelt down and at first thought she was dead.
He touched her face gently and she opened her eyes.
“Claire?” he asked.
She nodded.
“I…” Tyler trailed off.
“Don’t worry, I can speak,” Claire said. “Are you my knight in shinning armor? My true love?”
“Yes,” Tyler whispered.
He swept her up in his arms and mounted her on to Stallion. Through the tower and down the mountain, it wasn’t until they were on the edge of the forest that they spoke again.
“Oh, kind knight, would you take off your mask so I can see the face of my lover?” Claire asked him.
“I was going to take my mask off anyway,” Tyler replied.
He took off the helmet and splashed some water on his face. “I’m Tyler by the way. Sorry I didn’t mention that earlier.”
“Wow, blue eyes,” Claire sighed. “I dreamed my true love would have blond hair and blue eyes. You are very handsome.”
“Thank you,” Tyler replied.
He then knelt to one knee and took her hand.
“Claire,” he said softly. “Will you be my bride?”
“Oh Tyler,” Claire sighed. “Yes.”
“Then we shall wed tonight,” Tyler announced.
They rode to his castle where that night came fast. Tyler’s father officiated.
“Do you Tyler Jenson take Claire Hammond to be your wedded wife?” he asked.
“I do,” Tyler replied.
“And do you Claire Hammond take Tyler Jenson to be your wedded husband?” his dad asked.
“I do,” Claire sighed.
“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride,” Tyler’s dad said.
Tyler moved towards Claire and kissed her gently. It was true loves first kiss and their love will forever more keep them together and they lived happily ever after.

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