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Dark Escence-Prologue

July 2, 2012
By Pandora202 GOLD, Gainseville, Georgia
Pandora202 GOLD, Gainseville, Georgia
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2 Years earlier
"Isaac!" I scream out into the deafening silent night.I run down a darkened street,alone.The fear overwhelms me all to easily.My baby brother has been taken from my arms,snatched into the cold and brutal night.A strange man had snuck into my dreams,arousing me,only so that i could find him standing over my dead parents bodies.My mothers limp form lay on the floor in a sickening large pool of blood,while my father looked as if he were a dried up raisin.Now,i run in search of this ungeheuer,this unholy beast.I hope to spare my brothers life.I want to trade mine with his own.I stop in the middle of the street.My heart stops so suddenly,and i break into a sob.A frail,and broken body lay in the street.Isaac Seebly is dead.

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This is only the beginning...

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