One Chance

July 2, 2012
By ForeverxYoung BRONZE, Maple Shade, New Jersey
ForeverxYoung BRONZE, Maple Shade, New Jersey
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"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land amounst the stars."

He sits on the edge of my bed, the sun from the window warming his tiger striped fur. I know why my cat likes that spot, because not only does the sun hit perfectly from that spot, but from that spot you can see outside the window while being invisible to the world on the other side of it. I used to sit there with him and watch you run past every day. There was something about the way your charming looks made you prone to staring. So every day at 6:25 I would scoop my cat into my lap and look out the window; five minutes later you would jog past. Every once in a while you would stop jogging and look up at the house in the direction of my room as if you could see me watching you, but of course you couldn’t. I loved it when you did that and when your green eyes looked up I couldn’t help but smiling, even though I knew you weren’t looking at me- would never look at me. Even before I watched you from inside my room and worked on my garden out front instead I could barley utter two words when you tripped and needed a band-aid. Watching through my window was I close as I would get to the boiling hot man hunk passing my house every day.

I first saw her tending to her garden when I was jogging. While admiring her beauty I tripped over the slight bump in the sidewalk that I knew was there, and taking my chances I over-exaggerated my minor scrape and limped over to her. I stared at her back; taking in the way her honey brown hair falls over her shoulders. A deep breath passed my lips as I reached out and tapped her. She turned and her blue eyes stunned me. I explained my injury through stammers and mumbles. Whispering an answer she shuffled inside the house; a moment later she returned with bandages and a bottle of peroxide. I prayed my hands would hold as I smiled and shakily took the items. Bending over to clean my knee I was momentarily free of her enchanting eye spell. But I couldn’t clean my minor scrap forever, and when my scrap was cleaner than a dog’s mouth I looked up to find her unwavering eyes locked on mine. I stuttered “thanks” and resumed jogging; only to return a few hours later with a piece of paper with my number scribbled on it. She wasn’t there, so I shoved the baby blue square under one of the bushes I saw her messing with.

After running my hands over my hair and dress once more I turned toward my bed. Removing my cat from his lounged position, I sat down in his place and slid him into my lap. My eyes wandered to the window just as the clock hit 6:25. Staring outside for five minutes I finally saw your car pull up and even though you were wearing a white button down I still recognized the chest I’ve seen so many times before. Before approaching my front door you looked up at my window, your eyes searching. So, taking the chance I was born to take I stood up, letting you get a full view of a girl who would have never thought she would find herself in this position. You smiled, and I knew we were meant to be together.

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