Blissful Melancholy

June 29, 2012
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This sense of anxiety i love to pleasure
This touch of betray i love to treasure
its my fault my blemishes
only if i would have not taken the first step
i would have been in a better place
i do not know exactly what i feel
sorrow or delight
i am sad my story is ugly
but i am also happy
He left me with a eye opening fact
i cant identify who i am
and what i want
you have made it crystal clear how selfish we all can get
i ignore all the joy because i will miss them a lot
how can i forgive and forget when you have not apologized
or even realized your sin
now i lack to see the truth
end up blaming myself
the things that you did
you made a revolution with your silence
in the middle of all this you even found the right to test if i was worth being your friend
and i lost not only as your friend but also my soul
i sometimes listen to my pulse
just wait for it to stop
but it just keeps going
your my only love
my only grudge
your my truth and my lie
your here but not with me
i have no where to go
im cold and frosted by your memories
i have done so much and regret every bit
please feel me im alive yet dying for you
please hold me because im falling in love with you
i could have waited till my last breath but you told me you will never come back
why did you even come when you knew you were going to run away
why did you promise when you knew your going to break it
a smile was all i asked for
my torture is your love
my pain is your pleasure
my death is your life
my agony is your bliss..

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