June 23, 2012
By Mrsafy SILVER, Cokeburg, Pennsylvania
Mrsafy SILVER, Cokeburg, Pennsylvania
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I started to hate my mom in these past few months, only because she wouldn’t let me doing things. Like stay out until 11 when summer started or even go swimming with all my friends. That just made me hate her more and more. I always tell her haven’t you ever been 15? Let me live a little, god. Her usually respond is “Of course I’ve been 15, things were different back then though.” I always replied “Oh yeah, because things have really changed mom.” She would shake her head and say “We’re done discussing this.” That’s my all time favorite phase she would use. Every time I would reply with the same thing “Really mom? God you are unbelievably not understand.” She would laugh and say “Get over yourself Maggie, the world doesn’t revolve around you.” Under my breath I would say “Whatever mom.”
First off let me explain a little about myself. I’m Maggie Lucy Bobby and yes if you are wondering my parents were on crack or something when they named me. Everyone just calls me Maggie. I’m 15 going into my sophomore year of high school, yay two more years and I’m done with this place we call school. At the moment I’m not dating anyone but I am seeing someone. I’m not technically supposed to date until I’m 16 but I do a lot of things that I’m not suppose to do. Like date guys that are 19, yeah probably shouldn’t but I do.
Here’s how I started to hate my mom more and more. Since it was finally warm outside I would go play basketball with my friend like an hour after school. At first the basketball game just consisted of me and my friend Rachel. There would usually be like a couple of people playing up there by the time we got up to the court. Well one day Rachel and I were shooting and these “Gingers” show up. They went to the other hoop and started shooting. I turned and said to Rachel “New kids?” She said “Yeah because I’ve never seen them around.” I said “Maybe we should ask them if they want to shoot with us?” Rachel looked at me and said “Sure but you have to ask.” I laughed and said “Fine.” Of course I waited until their ball rolled down by our hoop to ask. The extremely tall ginger walked down toward us as I went to get their ball. I threw it to him as he said “Thanks.” I said “No problem, uh do you guys want to shoot with us?” He smiled and said “Sure.” He motioned to his other friend to come down by us.
The extremely tall one said “I’m Danny and this is my friend Brian.” I said “Nice to meet you guys, I’m Maggie and this is my friend Rachel.” Rachel waved and said “Brian don’t you go to our school?” Brian said “Yeah I just transferred from Backsonville High.” I said “Oh you’re the new kid in my gym class that called me short!” Everyone laughed as Brian said “Yeah well you are.” I smiled and said “I know.” Danny said “You girls are like midgets.” I looked at Rachel and said “Well at least I’m not a ginger.” Danny said “We’re not gingers.” I said “Yeah okay, shut up ginger and let’s shoot.” Danny smiled and made a basket. I looked over at Rachel and whispered “Danny’s pretty cute.” She smiled and nodded to agree.
We were in the middle of a game when my friend Jessica showed up out of nowhere. She yelled “Maggie!” I gave Rachel a look before I yelled back “Jessica!” Here’s the back story on Jessica. She is ALWAYS talking about guys and what she did or has done with them. Jessica is only a year older than me but still in the same grade. One thing you must know is Jessica gets jealous really easily. Like this one time Me, Rachel and Jessica were all playing basketball when my brother and his friend Ethan came and joined us. Of course Jessica had a huge crush on Ethan. She got all mad at me because he talked and covered me and not her. She would make disgusted faces at me and sighed the entire game. Ridiculous right? Try being best friends with her and live up the street from her. Anyway back to the fact we didn’t want her to meet the gingers because she would end up dating one of them and then they’d hate us all. So Jessica runs up and starts her usually new people routine, she shows off. Jessica acts as if she’s never played basketball before. She said to Danny “How do I hold the ball?” Danny smiles and says “Let me show you.” Danny grabbed the ball and held his hands on it just like you have to. I look at Rachel and mumble “Of course she would show up and try to show us up.” Rachel laughs and says “I know man.”
And what do you know Jessica get’s all disgusted with me just because I was flirting with her new boytoy Danny. While Jessica was guarding Brian, I was covering Danny. I accidently tripped and kicked Danny like a million times. The last time I caught him by locking our arms together. Danny said “Oh so now we’re married.” I smiled and said “Of course husband.” Jessica glared at me, as me and Danny finished talking. Danny replied “Now when are you going to do something with your hair?” I laughed and said “Never because it’s just fine.” He laughed and pushed me away. As we were finishing up our game I started playing the “Hand Mesh game” with Danny. It’s like high fiving but you in lock your fingers together. As I would lift my hand to Danny’s I would yell “Hand Mesh.” He would always laugh and say “I definitely won this.” Which he probably did but I never really paid attention to it.
As we me and Jessica were going to leave she hand raped Danny and he pulled in. In the process of it she got his number. She ran over to me and said “He gave me his number.” I said “Oh yay.” Honestly I was not excited at all for her. Rachel had left me earlier in the game so I could not say anything to her about it until I got home. As me and Jessica parted our ways I thought about Danny. Like I could not decide if I actually liked him more or not. The way it was looking I would have to not like him more because he was interested in Jessica.
That night Jessica texted me saying “Danny is so sweet!” I replied back “Haha tell me everything on the bus tomorrow!” Here’s the thing Danny’s probably the biggest player out there and I know I just met him but he seems like one and acts like one. So I guess I’ll have to just give him a chance to show me exactly who he is.
The next morning on the bus Jessica of course saved me a seat and so did Rachel. I mumbled to Rachel “Hold on, Jessica has to tell me something man.” Rachel rolled her eyes and mumbled “About Danny right?” I nodded yes as I sat with Jessica. Jessica said “Oh my god read what he said to me last night.” She handed me the phone as I said “Okay.” Let me just sum it up for you, he basically said she was so hot and adorable and he wanted to make her his babe. The only thing I could say to her was “Awe that’s so sweet! So does that mean you guys are dating?” She said “I know and no we’re just talking. Oh and he wants to go bowling this weekend! Please come with me?” I said “Oh and yeah sure I’ll come!” I looked over at Rachel who was at this point staring at us. I told Jessica I had to talk to Rachel and hopped into the seat with her.
Rachel said “So what’s the deal?” I said “Danny gave her his number and they were talking last night. He told her she was so hot and adorable and he wanted her to be his babe.” Rachel laughed and said “Who says babe? Great, so now their dating?” I said “Gangsters like him I guess and nah their just talking.” She rolled her eyes and said “Talking to Jessica means dating.” I laughed and said “Well looks like she got herself a babe!” At this point my day was officially ruined by Jessica’s news. If her and Danny dated or did things it would affect our basketball games. I know I sound selfish but I like to play basketball not watch them flirt like insanely. So I decided to tell Rachel that Jessica wanted me to go bowling with her and Danny. Rachel said “Go and tell me all about it!” I said “Fine but I’m going to have to sit there and watch them flirt.” She said “ You’ll get over it.” I slapped her and said “ Thanks friend!”
When we got to school Jessica was smiling and talking to Brian, Danny’s friend. I waved to Brian as he started walking over towards me and Rachel. He said “Hey midgets.” I laughed and said “Hey ginger.” Brian said “Do you guys want to walk to the cafeteria with me?”Rachel and I both said “Yeah sure.” As we were walking down Brian said “You guys going to play basketball with us again tonight?” Rachel said “Yeah we’ll be up there the same time as yesterday.” Brian said “Good cause I do not want to be up there with just Jessica and Danny.” I laughed and said “Neither do we.” When we got to the cafeteria me and Rachel sat with Brian and talked. I asked Brian “So where do you move in at?” He said “I think right up the road from you guys and Danny like a street down from me.” I said “Cool, it’s nice to finally get new people to play basketball with.” Brian said “Yeah and Danny’s nephew also plays and he lives with him.” I said “Sweet, we’ll have enough for a team then.” The bell rang just as I finished my sentence and Brian said “Well see you guys later.” We said our goodbye’s and walked to class.
As me and Rachel were walking to the bus Jessica walked up and said “ So we playing basketball after school?” I waited for Rachel to say something and when she did not I said “Uh yeah I think.” Jessica said “Well just text me when you guys go up.” I said “Okay I will.” When we got on the bus I sat down next to Rachel and said “I do not think I want to text her when we go up.” Rachel said “I agree, I just want to play an actually game of basketball without having to deal with her when she acts like she can not play.” I said “Yeah maybe she will forget about the whole thing.”
When we got off the bus Jessica yelled “Do not forget to text me!” I yelled back “I won’t.” As I was walking up the hill to my house I noticed Brian was behind me. I turned around and said “Hey Brian I did not even notice you.” He said “Oh well I did not know that was you or I would of said something.” I smiled and said “Well I’ll see you up at the basketball court.” He said “4 right?” I answered “Yes.” I walked up into my yard as Brian kept walking up the hill. I stop in my yard and looked at Brian. I never noticed how tall he was and how bright of blue eyes he has. Brian was not considered cute in my book but supposedly he was getting girls. As I was walking up to my house I could hear Brian on the phone as he walked up the hill. I think he was talking to Danny I’m not sure; all I could hear was “Yeah man we’re playing at 4.” So instead of looking like a creeper I went inside my house to listen to my mom talk about something stupid I suppose.
When I walked in my mom said “Honey it’s about time. I have to go to the doctors so let’s go.” I said “Uh no I’m not going with you.” She said sadly “And why not?” I said “Because I made plans already and we won’t be back in time.” She said with anger in her voice “Oh you made plans huh? Well just go with me we’ll probably be back in time.” I said “Uh no we will not and you know it. I’m staying home and going outside at 4. Have fun at the doctor’s mom.” As I went to walk up the stairs she let out a sigh and said “Fine whatever.” That was quite childish of her to let out a sigh. That’s totally something I would do to her. So by the time my mom finally left it was 4.
I decided to leave a couple minutes after her so I did not have to listen to ask me a million questions. When I left I had to walk down to Rachel’s house to get her. She lives right across the street from me, so it was an easy walk. As I was walking down Rachel came out of the house and said “Did Jessica text you?” I had already forgotten about having to text Jessica and in which I was not going to anyways. I said “Oh no, I forgot about that.” Rachel laughed and said “Good then we do not have to put up with her.” As we were walking up to the basketball court I saw the gingers walking up too. I said “Hey look there’s the gingers.” Rachel laughed and said “And no Jessica!” I smiled and said “I know. Oh hey look there’s some new people up at the court.” Rachel looked over at the basketball court and said “Yeah I wonder who they are.” Danny yelled “Maggie!” So I turned around and waved. Oh my, Danny was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt he was looking good. I could not help myself to not check him out like I did. At that moment I think I developed a small tiny little crush on Danny. Of course I would never tell anyone about my tiny crush. When Danny and Brian finally caught up to us I had already checked him out enough times to know one of his tattoos by heart. Creepy right?
Danny said “You midgets ready to play some ball?” I said laughing “Yeah were ready to kick your butts in it.” Danny smiled and just shook his head. When we got to the basketball court I could finally she who the new people were. Rachel nudged me and said “That’s Ally and I think her boyfriend.” I said “Don’t they live up the street from us?” She said “Yeah like 4 house up.” I asked “Danny we should see if they want to play.” Danny smiled his cute smile and answered “Okay wife.” Danny walked over towards them and I guess asked them if they wanted to join. Turns out they actually were going to ask if they could join. When they got over here Ally had already waved and said hi to me and Rachel. Ally’s boyfriend said “I’m Mike.” We all introduced ourselves before we started a game.
Of course I was on Rachel’s team, we never got spilt up. The teams were me Rachel and Brian against Danny Mike and Ally. I had to cover Danny which was the hardest thing to do. I would always somehow hurt him. I think I tripped and hit him over a million times before the game was over. Danny whispered in my ear “ Wife please stop abusing me.” I smiled and took the ball from him and made a basket. By the time our game was over it was about 9, my curfew was 9. So of course I told Rachel maybe we should start walking home and Danny said “I’ll walk with you guys.” We said our goodbyes to Ally and Mike and walked home. On the way home Danny said “So where’s your friend Jessica?” I looked at Rachel with a forgetful look and said “Uh I do not know, I told her we were coming up.” Rachel just started laughing. Danny said “What’s so funny about all this?” I smiled and said “Nothing, nothing at all.” Danny ignored me and said “Whatever then. Oh are you going bowling with Jessica tomorrow?” I said “Oh yeah probably, she asked me to.” Danny smiled and said “Good now I can beat you in bowling too.” I said “You did not even beat me in basketball, we won.”
He pushed me and said “No way.” I said “Whatever you are such an abusive husband.” He said “I’m sorry.” And then he hugged me right as we got to my house. I said “Whatever husband, this is my house. Bye guys.” Danny said “Bye wife.” As we disperse from each other all I could think about was the hug and bowling. I told Rachel goodnight and went into the house. My mom was sitting in living room waiting for me I guess. She said “Oh good you made it in on time.” I said “Don’t I always? And can I go bowling tomorrow night with Jessica?” She said “Yeah I guess you do and yeah I do not care.” I said “Okay can you take us her mom will pick us up.” My mom said “Okay goodnight, don’t stay up to late.”
As my mom was walking upstairs, I decided to text Jessica. I said “Hey sorry I did not text you. Oh and I’m aloud to go bowling my mom will take us.” She replied back “Oh it’s cool I fell asleep anyway and okay sounds good.” I was going to text back and ask her if she’s texting Danny but I did not really feel like hearing about what he’s saying to her. So instead I decided to just go to sleep.
The next morning I woke up to three new text messages. One from Jessica and two from John. John is this guy I used to like and he just never wanted to date me I guess but now he likes me and I don’t like him. I still talk to him every once in awhile. Jessica’s text message read “Hey! I cannot wait for bowling tonight!” As if I would of forgotten about bowling already. The two messages from John said Hey then the other said what’s up? The thing I really hate about John is if I do not answer the first text he sends me another and then another. If I do not answer the first one then I’m obviously not going to answer the second one. I answered John as I usually do. It never really made sense why John would text me at 10 on a Saturday, like does he not know people sleep till 12?
By the time I finally got enough energy to move it was about 4. So I decided to start getting ready to go bowling even though it wasn’t starting for another 5 hours. Of course I blasted music while I took a shower and did my hair. When I was finally done I had an hour to spare. So I texted Jessica saying she could come up until we had to leave for bowling. She replied back “I would but I’m still getting ready just text me when you are coming.” Well I figured I had to wait an hour before we went but my mom yelled up “Maggie come down!” I ran down the stairs saying “What?” She said “Well your brother is taking you instead and he wants to go now.” I said “What? We cannot go now we still have like an hour before anyone gets there.” My mom said “Talk to your brother about it.” Oh great thanks mom cause he’s definitely going to listen to me.
So I had to call my brother Tony. I said “Mom just told me you want to leave now for bowling?” He said “Yeah because I’m going out with my friends now and I have to take you so we’re leaving now.” I said “But there’s like an hour until bowling actually starts.” He said “So just sit there and wait.” I said “Whatever then come get me.” As I hung up the phone I called Jessica and said “Well my brother is taking us to bowling now because he’s going out.” She said “What the? We still have like an hour.” I said “I know but whatever we’ll be down in like 5 minutes.” She said “Okay.” I hung up right as my brother pulled in the driveway. I ran out and said “We have to go get Jessica.” He said “Alright, get in.” When we got down to Jessica’s house she was already outside. She got in the car and said “Hey.” I laughed and said “Hey.” She whispered in my ear “Are you ready for tonight?” I said “Yeah.” The only thing running through my head was why wouldn’t I be ready for tonight? Sometimes Jessica just ticks me off so much that I cannot stand to be near her or talk to her for like a week.
We finally got to the bowling alley and we still had like an hour to spare. Jessica said “We should walk to McDonald’s and get frappes!” I said “Yeah we should.” She said “Okay then let’s go.” We started walking down to McDonald’s as people were pulling in. I said “So have you been talking Danny lately?” She said “We did not talk last night but we talked a little today.” I said “Oh well you should tell him to come bowling now and take us to McDonald’s.” She laughed and said “I’ll text him now and see what he says.” By the time he answered we were already at McDonald’s and walking back. She said “He said he was still getting ready and he would pick me up not you with a smiley face.” I said “Just tell him to wait until I kick his butt in bowling.” She laughed and texted him back. When we finally got back to the bowling place there were already two people sitting outside waiting. So we sat down right beside them. Oh and of course Jessica starts flirting with the one guy. The guy’s name was Matt and used to go to our school but he moved. Jessica said “Oh that’s too bad we could hangout if you lived closer.” He smiled and said “We still can.” And then a tiny moth starts flying around us and Jessica starts freaking out. She says “I’m afraid of moths!” I just roll my eyes and start talking to Matt’s little brother. Somehow Jessica got Matt’s number and when went in to go bowling she was texting him.
Finally Danny and Brian showed up. While were waiting in line to pay I said to Danny “Thanks for not going to pick me up.” He smiled and said “I would have to consider it wife.” I smiled and said “Consider it? No you would just pick me up husband.” He smiled and laughed. Jessica and I paid first so we waited for the guys. Danny tried to pay with a credit card and of course they did not take credit cards. So Danny and Brian had to go to the bank. As they were leaving more people were coming in. Jessica nudged me and said “Oh my look it’s Travis.” Travis looked directly at Jessica and smiled. I dragged Jessica to go get a ball with me and go to our lane. How ironic, Matt’s and Travis’s lane was right next to ours. Jessica was doing a great job flirting with both of them. Jessica disappeared for like 10 minutes or so. When I finally found her she whispered “I just made out with Travis.” I yelled “WHAT?!” That made me so mad. She was talking to three guys at once and probably going to do this with all of them. She said “Yeah it just kind of happened.” I said “So what about Danny?” She said “I do not know, he’s not even here yet.” Next thing you know Danny and Brian walk in the bowling alley. I said “Well you better look now.” She said “Cr**.” Brian ran over to me and said “We finally got money.” I said “Good now I can kick your butt’s in bowling.” He laughed and said “I’d like to see that.” I walked over to bowl as Danny went over to say hi to Jessica.
I could hear Jessica trying to yell over the loud music that was playing; she was trying to say “I’m so happy you finally got here!” Yes, she is really lying straight to his face. He wrapped his arm around her and walked over to take a seat. She sat on his lap for most of the night. When she would get up, Danny would start kicking me over and over again. I finally said “So I thought you were going to beat me at bowling?” He smiled his oh so cute smile and said “It’s way too late to start bowling now.” I winked at him and said “Oh husband why must you lie to me?” He came over and hugged me and whispered “Wifey, I’m so sorry.” I almost melted when he wrapped his arms around me. Jessica just so happened to walk over as Danny was taking his arms off me.
She shot me a look and said “Sorry it took so long Danny.” He smiled at her and replied “Oh it’s cool.” The rest of the hour we had left bowling Jessica sat on Danny’s lap. When bowling was done Danny waited with us for Jessica’s mom. All they did was flirt back and forth. Finally Jessica’s mom pulls up and Danny and her hug goodbye. I “Hand Mesh” him goodbye.
The next day as me and Rachel were walking to the basketball court, I gave her the 401 on what happen last night bowling. All she could say was “Wow, she’s really gone overboard with this one.” I laughed and said “What’s new?” Rachel stops me and says “We must make something clear right now.” I say “What?” She replies “Never ever tell Jessica we are coming up here or that we are here at all.” I grab her hand and shake on it. The next month or so I never once mention to Jessica that we were coming up or there. Also Danny stop texting her all of sudden. Oh and yes I was in my glory.
After about a month of just hanging out with the Ginger pack and Mike we became a regular crew. Soon enough Danny started getting mad feelings for me and as well as John was too. It was hard to say no to John because he did ask me to prom. (And of course I said YES!) I just decided to wing it. One day Danny decides to bring his Nephew to play basketball with us. His name was David. You could definitely tell that when David and Rachel looked at each other there was something.
Another month flies by and I start fighting with my mom more and more every day. For instances, Danny asked me if Rachel and I wanted to go swimming with him, David, Ally and Mike. Knowing my mom would say no I asked her anyway. Her reply was “You know I do not like you riding in a car with anyone under 21.” I sigh and say “I know but we are only going down the road.” She snapped back “I do not care where you are going; you’ll still be in the car with her.” I argue “Come on I’ll be home at like 9!” She hesitated and then said “Fine but you better be.”
Even though I was totally embarrassed to let Danny see me in my bikini I still went anyway. I waited impatiently at Rachel’s house for them to pick us up. They finally got there around 7:30 and we drove straight to some lady’s house to swim. When we all got out of the car and onto the deck, I of course fell onto the way to the deck. We all stood around waiting to see who jump in first. Danny had this brilliant idea that the youngest jumps in first. And of course I am the youngest of them all. I tried to hurry and jump in the pool without Danny seeing me. After I jumped in everyone followed. Danny ended up swimming over to me and held me. He whispered “You are a really bad swimmer.” I replied “No it’s just too deep for me.” I happen to look over and David was flirting with Rachel. I’d have to say that was a really good day beside my mom.
A week before school let out I went on vacation with my family. We went to Myrtle Beach for a week. Leaving me crew for a week was the hardest thing I had to do. I said bye to Rachel who almost cried because I would be leaving her alone with the guys. I hugged Danny, Mike, David and Brian goodbye also. I honestly did not know what I was going to do without them for a week. The week I was gone Rachel gave me the play by play on who came to the basketball court and what they did.
The Friday I came back I ran down to Rachel’s house to see her. When she opened the door she literally screamed. She said “Come on we need to go to the basketball court!” We started walking pretty fast trying to get there really quick. I could not wait any longer to see Danny. Rachel broke the silence by saying “So how was the beach?” I replied “Really hot but fun.” She said “Any cute guys?” I laughed and said “Uh yeah!” We both laughed as she said “Danny kept asking about you when you were gone.” I said surprised “Really?” She nodded. When we finally got to a point where we could see who was up at the court, I could see Danny and David shooting.
Danny so happen to turn around and see us walking. He dropped the ball and came running full speed down to me. He picked me up in his arms and hugged me tight. I gasped “Danny I cannot breathe.” He set me down and said “Sorry I just missed my wife.” I laughed and hugged him. He wrapped his arm around me as we walked to the basketball court. I glanced over and Rachel gave me a wink.
David came over and gave me a hug and asked how the beach was. I said “Pretty good, it was just so hot!” Danny said “Well you look a lot tanner then before.” Rachel butted in “It’s her Mexican side coming out!” I punched her in the shoulder and she let out a loud “Ouch!” We started to play a small two vs. two game until it turned into Danny attacking me and David and Rachel just talking. Danny and I started punching each which then ended up as me lying in the grass while Danny tickled me. While that was happening Rachel and David were talking about how they felt about each other and stuff. Rachel was letting me get attacked by Danny.
Danny happened to get my phone when it fell out of my pocket. He got up and said “I’ll give you your phone back only if you text me tonight.” I replied “Kind of hard when I do not have your number.” He gave me smirk and said “Here I will dial it for you.” He dialed his number then handed my phone back to me. I said “I’m calling your phone right now.” I checked the time as I was calling and it was 8:55. Five minutes until I had to be home, bummer. I yelled to Rachel “Dude let’s go five minutes until my curfew.” Danny burst out laughing as Rachel and David walk towards us. I hugged Danny bye as David and Rachel did.
As we were walking away I yelled over my shoulder to Danny “You better text me first!” Rachel shot me a look and said “Text?!” I smiled and said “Yup got his number.” As soon as I said that I got text from Danny saying “Where’s my kiss wife?” I replied back “You do not get one after you just abused me!” A couple minutes later he answered “Sorry, I thought that’s why you married me?” I just sent him back “Hahahahaha.”
The next 2 months of my summer went by really fast. I basically spent every day at the basketball court with Danny, David, Mike, Ally and Rachel. I got closer and closer to Danny every day. I found out new things about him almost every day. Some things I never really even wanted to know about him. Eventually I kissed him for the first time. Was not all I thought it was going to be at all. We started kind of dating. Oh and David and Rachel started dating but sadly broke up maybe 6 weeks after. He was way to clingy and somewhat a stalker.
The last month in summer was a sad one. I did not hangout with Danny that much. I think we broke up, I’m not totally sure if we actually ever did. He moved away without telling me at all. He did only move a town away from me but still he should have said something to me. About a week or two in his new house he started dating some weird girl. They ended up moving in together after they were dating for like three days. 6 months later she becomes pregnant and Danny is a daddy to be. I’m not really sure how I feel about it yet. I mean yeah I feel totally jealous but I’m kind of happy for him too.
All in all I think this had to be the best summer yet. I met some great people, I made some great memories too. I hung out with a group of gingers. (Accomplishment). The only thing that bothers me about this summer is that I will never really know how Danny really felt about me or if he was just playing me. I guess it’s better if I never know the answer to that question.

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