Yours Truly

June 17, 2012
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I walked in to the doors of my high school and roamed around the hallways for awhile. After a long night of studying and doing homework i didn't want to go to first period, not yet. After a while of walking I started to head back to my class. But that's when I heard foot steps. Coming toward me. I turned the corner hoping to not get caught. And that's when you turned the corner, running right into me.

You looked at me "so-so-sorr-" you stuttered. "Sorry" I said trying not to sound to stutter. "I wasn't paying attention." He looked at me and just then you started to smile. My god your smile was amazing. "I'm Jackson, I'm new, today's my first day here." He said smiling even bigger now. "I'm Devin." I said. Smiling he grabbed my hand he stuck his schedule in it, asking where his first class was. I looked at it for a minute. " Right next to mine. I'm on my way there now. You can walk with me if you want." I said smiling at the ground. You took my arm rapped it around yours and started walking.

I didn't know what to think. Here's this guy, who i just met and he is already acting like I've known him for years.

After that i couldn't talk to him. Even looking even looking into his eyes made me fall a little more for him. So instead of talking to him, I wrote him letters. Love letters.

* I got the first one two days after i met her. At first I didn't understand. It said.

Dear Jackson,
I don't know who you are. Well I do but not really. Not how i want to. But I can't talk to you in person. I can't look you in the eye.
Yours truly,

I wrote back,

My dearest,
Why wont you come to dinner with me tomorrow? You can get to know me like you wish. I don't understand why you can't look me in the eyes but to me, Your eyes are like the sky, and heart like gold. Your soul so pure.

** I couldn't say no. I never can say no to people. It hurts me to much to say no.

" My plan is to just not look him in the eyes." i explained to my best friend. " Wow such a thought out plan. Could you not think of anything else. Like Oh i don't know how about saying No I don't want to go." she said. I thought about it for a second but I didn't need to I knew i wanted to. I just don't want to get hurt. I looked up at her and said "no I'm going I have my plan I'm good. What could go wrong?"
That was something I should of not said because as soon as I said that a million thoughts swirled around my head. I pushed then a side trying to not think about it.

I wrote back.

I have decided that I will go out with you tonight. Don't try anything! And your little thing about me was cute. Even thought I don't exactly understand why you put that. But thanks.

He picked me up at six p.m. We drove to a small run down business. It was a cute little shack looking place. He opened my door and let me out and closed it shut. We walked inside and waited to be seated. He looked around while I looked at my feet.

So far the plan has been working. I think I might be able to make it with out falling even more for him.

But after thinking that everything went way different than I planned it would.

After we got seated we talked for a while before they came to take our orders. I only looked up if I needed to. After we got our food we talked about little things for a while and then slowly talked into deeper things.

After we paid and left, I figured that you would take me home but again my plans have once again been changed. You took me to the park. It was almost empty with only a few people sitting around. You took me to the lake in the middle of the park. There it was, just sitting there.The little boat that you have to paddle on your own. I have never been on one before and i had no clue what I was doing but with your help we finally made it turn into circles.

You found it the funniest thing. We didn't make it every far from shore but with just the little space between us and the rest of the world, I ended up staring right into your eyes. Just as we linked eyes I tried braking the stare. But I couldn't your eyes were so deep, so beautiful, so warm. We sat there for a while just staring. Until you started laughing. I watched you and then started to smile, "what are you laughing at?" I asked. He smiled "You." I looked at him confused but as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the letters I slowly started to realise what it was. He remembered what I had said in the letter.

After circling back to the shore and walking back to the car we made it to my house. The lights were out inside so that meant that my parents had gone to sleep. He walked me to the door, I looked at my feet the whole way and once he said good bye he lightly put his hand to my chin and started to lift it. At that moment I didn't care if he kissed me. I had already fallen head over heals for him. Our eyes met, he smiled which made me smile and after all we did that night I was hoping he would kiss me. My heart was pounding and I started to blush. "Don't try anything." He said with a smile and wink. He left and I watched him as he drove off.

That night I wrote him a letter.

To my dearest,
Yes My Dearest, You have changed my plans completely. Nothing is the same anymore. Thanks to you, My love. I may not be everything you want but I can try my best. For you I would do anything.

** That letter was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I didn't have to hide anything now.

My love,
You know a wise man once told me that being different isn't all that bad. It all depends on how you look at it and if you want it to be. You are the sun, the moon, and the stars. You are my angel and my savor. You don't have to be anyone but yourself. With me or anyone else. Don't let them take you for granted sweet heart.
- Yours truly Jackson

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