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June 22, 2012
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How we met

It was a party at my cousins. We were drinking and a strange guy that I didn’t know pulled me into a room. I think it was Miranda’s parents’ room. They were away on a bussiness trip and she decided to have a party. My parents thought I was just spending the night.

The strange guy that pulled me into the room was really hot. I guess that’s why I went without screaming at the top of my lungs. The guy had longish blonde hair that fell into his eyes and eyes the color of grass on a new spring day.

What we did

Not much. We just sat there talking. Turns out he knew more about me than anyone else I knew. It was kind of creppy. This guy who I had never seen before telling me what he knew. There was only one explaination for it. This guy stalked me. Some of the stuff he knew I had never told anyone, not even Miranda who is my best friend.

What he knew

That I hid my diary under my bed. That I wrote poems in a sketchpad that I hid in the basement. He even somehow read one of the poems I wrote. He recited the whole thing back to me. This creeped me out the most.

Why I didn’t say anything

He didn’t seem to want to hurt me. He told me that he loved me. He said that the two times he seen me before he decided to stalk me made him fall in love with me. The one thing was from about a year ago.

I was in a store at a mall and I was buying some clothes for school. I had just enough money for the clothes and a pair of shoes that I had wanted for a week. When I went to stand in line there was this little boy who had wanted a truck that had to be about fifty dollars. The little boy had ten dollars and was ready to pay when the cashier told him that the truck was $48. 67.

The little boy turned to the cashier and said “But sir, this is for my little brothers as a birthday present. Mommy doesn’t have money to get him any new toys or clothes so I went and picked up sticks for this money.”

I had started to cry when he said this and I set my clothes down on a shelf. I walked up to the casheir and told him that I would pay for the toy. After all I could get new clothes next month with my birthday money. Then I haned the truck to the little boy and he had said “Come on. You have to giv ethis to Joey and Alex so they can tell you thank you.” I don’t know why but I followed the little boy. He took me about amile away and brought me under a bridge where two other little boys and a little girl were playing in the mud.

The little girl, Leslie had on shorts that were disgusting and a dirty tank top. Each of the boys were dressed alike in torn jeans and ripped shirts. The mother had on a long dress and a tank top that looked like they hadn’t been washed in years.

When I presented the toy to the children they hugged me and told me thank you then ran off to play with the toy. I noticed that they looked like they hadnt eaten in a while and the mom looked pregnat and tired. She had black circles under her eyes.

When I left and called my mom to pick me up I told her about the children and their mother. My mom and I spent the next week collecting whatever we could for those kids. We even got the mother a job working at my aunts resteraunt. My grandma had a house that she uses only once a year. Shes been letting them stay there until they get money to get their own house. The kids all are in school now and I watch the baby while the mother is at work.

Now I runa charity called HH, Helping the Homeless, with my mother. We collect money and items to give to the homeless. We also try to find them places to stay and jobs to keep them off the streets.

This was the second thing I did to make him decide to stalk me.

This guy said that this made him love me.

What we talked about

I told him that I didn’t belive in love. When he asked why I told him it was personal and I didn’t want to share.

He told me that when he was sixteen someone had burned him bad and that up until the last year he didn’t belive in love either.

But after he saw what I did that he did now. He said that I had to believe in love because of what I did for that family. And for all of the other homeless people out there.

I told him that’s a different kind of love than the one that I ment.

What we agreed on

He gave me his phone number and I gave him mine. Both of us agreed that we’d make plans to meet again.

The next few months

That Saturday we went out to eat. We talked some more. Every Saturdy we’d meet sometimes spending hours just talking. We went to mesumes, soup kitchens and he helped me organize fundraisers for HH.

Gradually I decide that I did belive in love and this guy helped me realize it. A guy who had saw me one day and had decided that if he could love someone then he could make it so that I believe in love too.

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