The life of me. Prologue:

June 19, 2012
By Anonymous

Jennifer Rose lives a normal teen life. She just turned 13 and is in gr7 , and everything is going well. The only thing that has really changed this past year, is that she is no longer friends with Emily Clair. Emily and Jennifer weren’t best friends, but they were good friends, she was someone Jennifer could go to, even though they’re not as close as Jennifer and Hailey, they’re still good friends. Jennifer has no idea what happened to them, one day they were laughing and sharing personal stuff, the next day, Emily totally ignored her. That’s only one of Jennifer’s worries. Like any other teen, she is having guy troubles, not the normal troubles where she likes a guy, and the guy doesn’t like her back, the problem where she likes 2 guys, one good, one not so good. The good guy is named Chase, he is like her brother, or that’s what she says, no one, not even her long time best friend Hailey knows. The other guy has a girlfriend, his name is Adrian, he liked Jennifer before, but Jennifer never felt the same, until now, Jennifer see’s something in him she can’t describe. Jennifer is now is trying to figure out 2 major things; Why Emily doesn’t talk to her anymore, or even attempt to make eye contact, and which guy she thinks she deserves.

The author's comments:
Okay, so this is a piece that I wrote because it is exactly my life right now. Real names are not used, and I take criticism, this is my first post, and it's a prologue so tell me if you guys want the 1st chapter, enjoy :)

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