Heart Of Glass

June 13, 2012
By brookemister101 GOLD, Hohenwald, Tennessee
brookemister101 GOLD, Hohenwald, Tennessee
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Take my heart but please don't break it. How can you expect that of me? If someone gave you a glass heart and said not to break it... could you? If you were responsible for keeping it whole. If they completely depended on you... would you disappoint them? Let's say you slip, you drop the heart and it cracks. They're going to be torn. They might even hate you. They might not trust you again. Let's say you're 'lucky' enough and they forgive you easily the first time. They hand you back the glass heart with a band-aid over the crack. You tell yourself 'this time will be different'. Then, you're looking at the heart and think about it's beauty. Is it true or is it false? It is as translucent as the glass it's made up of? Is there more there, or is it empty? You get up to take the heart to it's owner and trip. You drop the heart of glass once again and the crack gets bigger. Then, the person that trusted you to keep that heart whole begins to have doubts. You don't even ask for the heart back, but they give it to you. You don't want the responsibility. You don't want to look like the bad guy who can't take care of the heart. You also don't want it. You want to keep it whole so there's no permanent damage, you don't want to break it but you know you will. Then, it happens. You, being so clusty, fall down and the heart bursts to pieces by your side.
The owner of the glass heart drops to their knees and cries. You rush and try to gather all the pieces but the glass turns to ice and melts into the ground. Only leaving little puddles of water remaining. You look at the owner. They're down, ruined. And it's your fault. They trusted you and you let them down. You broke their heart. You rush to their side, trying to mend what might be left. You are sorry for what has happened and wish they would've trusted someone else with such a responsibility. But they chose you. And now they are your responsibility. Even after they push you away, you want to fix things. To make sure there is still hope for the now lost soul you crushed.
So you tell them anything they want or need to hear to remain sane. You're fear over runs your common sense. A new heart begins to form within them. And eventually, they have a brand new glass heart. No cracks, no chips. It's new and improved. It's stronger.
You are happy for them so you stay near. But they start looking for someone to take care of the new heart they've come to receive. The person that they trust the most is the one they once lost trust in. You. They turn to you. You don't want to ruin the new heart, you don't want to ruin what has just been fixed. There's no way to avoid it. But there is a way to postpone it, so you take that option. You take responsibility over the heart yet again. Now, it's become a burden, you don't like to carry the heart because there is a constant fear of breaking it again. It seems more fragile now. It seems like just a matter of time before it happens. You then give up. You can't carry such a burden anymore. You give the heart back to the owner. They cry and throw down the heart, you both watch it reach the ground and smash. The pieces are thrown back up and cut your face. They bust the owners lip. A piece even hits your heart. Not made of glass. But of lumber. Not as fragile, but can still be cut. The glass penetrates and leaves a scar.
You have now distanced yourself from the glass heart's owner. You don't know if they got a new one but you hope they have. You want the best for them even if you couldn't give it to them. Eventually curiosity takes over and you ask them. They only have quick, harsh remarks. They only focus on the wrong and refuse to see the right. They don't notice the sacrifices you made. They only see the damage. They don't see the scar, they only see your still whole heart. Sure, your heart is whole. But it's not as if no one has tried to break it. It's been thrown against walls and kicked around. It's been cut and it has bled. But yes, it remains whole. They don't understand why they have a heart of glass that has been replaced so many times before and you still have your wooden heart. They don't get why theirs cracks and bursts so easily and yours has yet to be broken completely. What they don't seem to get is that you didn't let your heart be broken. You kept your heart whole all by yourself. You've never depended on someone else to take care of it, it's yours and you take all the responsibility. You polish it although the surface isn't smooth. You keep it beating although it is tired.
You've given up trying to keep the glass heart's owner happy. You've given up trying to get them a new glass heart. Because that big of a burden can't fall on you. But when they get a new glass heart.. you can suggest them keeping it in a wooden case.

The author's comments:
A heart of glass is prettier, but one of wood is stronger.

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