June 12, 2012
By Anonymous

Words, I wrote them. I wrote so many of them. But never the right ones. Here I am just staring at my computer wondering, where did you go. My heart pounds and stutters but you continue to hide. So I continue to write. Write until my soul bleeds onto these keys. If I stop, I will be lost. Lost in my vast wave of emotion and swept off to sea to never return again. Too many words, why are you still hiding.. I avert my eyes from the key board to my window. The night is so lonely and tiresome, but I do not wish it to end. Moments like this, I can remember. I can think back to days forgotten. Not even my lover can understand these moments. These moments are spent alone. As the rain patters down upon my roof, I let the sound sooth me and sit back from my writing. Eyeing it from a distance I cannot see nor feel a thing, just words. Words.

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