Letting Go

June 12, 2012
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She's quiet this morning.
Her slender body is slumped over the dinner table, my gray tee shirt hanging off her narrow shoulders. The strikingly pale skin of her legs seems to shine in the morning light, the flawless porcelain almost translucent. Her long cinnamon hair is flowing freely to her waist, its waves covering her back.
There's a bowl of cereal in front of her and she's mindlessly eating from it. Her delicate fingers curl and twitch over the spoon as she raises it to her lips and takes another bite. Her molten gray eyes are unmoving and unblinking as she finishes her breakfast.
I am motionless in the doorway, afraid to interrupt her.
She was only this quiet before ...

"Arie." I say flatly.
Her head swivels to look at me, freezing me with her powerful gaze. The usual pink flush in her high cheeks in now gone, replaced with a pale off-white. Her wondrous lips are pressed in a hard line, still rosy as ever. She turns her head away from me and peers down at her empty bowl.
"Say something."
She closes her eyes, her thick and dark eyelashes brushing her the top cheeks. A single tear escapes from the corner of right eye, leaving a glistening trail down the apple of her cheek.
"Did I hurt you?" I ask, stepping forward to remove her empty cereal bowl. As I take her dish, she presses her eyes together and her brow furrows. She tilts her head down so her chin is touching the base of her neck.
"Arie." I sit down in the chair across from her and fold my arms in front of my chest. "Please."
Her eyes snap open and she's starring right through me. The smoldering gray of her eyes is alarming and the life within them is void. Her lips part and she runs her tongue over her bottom lip, a movement she knows I find irresistible.
She takes a shallow breath, "Tell me you love me."

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