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June 6, 2012
By katheine nice BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
katheine nice BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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I walked into the class and looked at the board. “Great” I thought, “new seats and new lab partners”
And I got the worst lab partner of all, Ryan Collins, the big shot varsity lacrosse captain who made ever girl swoon. Well, almost every girl, I’m not attracted to him, I don’t see what the big deal is about him. I sat down next to Ryan and as soon as I sat down next to him he gave me a weird look and said “hi, I’m Ryan what’s your name?” I rolled my eyes and said “Ally Somers, we have been going to school together since 1st grade.” He stared at me in disbelief like he thought I was kidding. He replied with “Really, I’ve never noticed you.” I scoffed, shook my head, and began to take notes on our teacher Mr. Jones lecture.
At the end of class I grabbed my books and walked out the door dreading tomorrow’s class with Ryan.

The next day in biology I walked in and sat next to Ryan, he didn’t say anything to me just smiled and looked at the board. “All right class we are going to begin our projects today and it will be done with your lab partner” Mr. Jones said. I looked at Mr. Jones like he was insane, no way was I going to do a huge project like this one with Ryan Collins. I would fail for sure if I had to. “What should we do our project on?” asked Ryan. I turned my head and looked at him like he had to heads; I was too busy freaking out that I had to do the project with him I totally forgot about what topic I wanted to do. I looked at the paper and saw that there was the possibility to do a project on wind energy. I immediately told Ryan I wanted to do that one and he just nodded his head. Of course he has lost interest in it in only 5 minutes.
I shook my head and began to write down the supplies I would needed for the project while Ryan just sat there and texted away. We had 6 more minutes of class and Ryan still hadn’t helped me with the beginning of our project. “Ryan I’m going to need your number so we can get together and start this project” I said dreading the fact that I would have to see him outside of school. He nodded his head wrote his number on a piece of paper and handed it to me without even taking his eyes off of his phone screen.

The bell rang and Ryan shot up and ran out the door. Finally I was done dealing with him. As I walked out the door I could hear the giggling of a girl, the type you would hear in a movie when a girl gets nervous when her crush comes up and asks her out. As I turned the corner to head to my locker I found out who that girl was, Mattie Jones, the girl who had basically had every guy in Mel brook high wrapped around her finger, especially Ryan. There they were making out in front of my locker….. Yuck! Well at least I know who he was texting so enthusiastically in class. “Excuse me I need to get to my locker” I said in a quiet tone. They both turned to me and looked at me like I interrupted an important meeting with the president. “Oh hey ally” Ryan said as his face turned beat red “yeah hi, look I’m sorry and all but I need to get my books from my locker so I can go home…. So can you move please” I stated trying not to sound annoyed but failing miserably. Mattie glared at me with her green eyes and just scoffed “awww does poor ally need to catch the bus?” she said in the most annoying and uncaring tone ever. “No I have my own car Mattie but I do need to get to work so can you move please?” I stated tired of her attitude that would make a grown man cry. “Whatever” she said rolling her eyes “common Ry Ry we need to get you to lacrosse practice” Mattie whined. As they walked away I saw something I have never seen in Ryan before. He looked upset almost pained to hear the word lacrosse…I thought he loved it.

The next day in class Ryan suggested that I come over to his house after school to get our project started. I was reluctant to agree to that, I mean common me and Ryan at his house just the 2 of us well I mean his parents would be their but still. At the end of class I went to my locker and grabbed my car keys and bag. When I got to the exit I saw Ryan waiting, was he waiting for me? “Hey are you ok?” I asked “Yeah I’m ok but I wanted to know if we could take your car to my house mine is in the shop” he said in a very hopeful voice. “Yeah sure it’s the big ford over their” I said pointing to my truck. “You the quiet ally drive a truck” he said sounding really surprised that I would drive let alone own a truck. “Yeah it used to be my dad’s but now it’s mine, you ready to go?” I asked “yeah” he said in a monotone.
We arrived at Ryan’s house and immediately started our project. “So how long have you and Mattie been dating?” I asked trying to make the awkward silence disappear “we aren’t really dating it’s more of like a casual thing” he said not looking away from the computer. We were in his bed room working on our project because that is the only room that we could concentrate I had no idea that Ryan had so many siblings. “Oh cool” I said trying to hide my nervousness I don’t know why I’m nervous all of a sudden but I guess because on the way here I actually had fun talking to him…he is actually really amazing. And those blue eyes of his had me hooked whenever he looked at me and smiled oh lord don’t get me started ton his smile. I was staring at his reflection in the computer when he caught my eye. I quickly looked away feeling my face become beat red. “I have a secret to tell you Ally, I did know that you were in all my classes and I defiantly noticed you in class” he said with a shaky voice. I looked up at him in disbelief he actually noticed I existed? Wow was I shocked but not as much as I was after he said this “I noticed your smile whenever you got an answer right in class, I noticed your eyes that are so beautiful in the sun and I noticed your laugh that made my heart melt” he said grabbing my hand and looking in my eyes. “I really like you Ally I have for a long time” he said getting closer and closer. Then I felt them those warm smooth lips of his on mine. I felt like there were fireworks going off in my head. Then he slowly pulled away and I looked into his eyes and said “I really like you to”. It’s been 3 months now and I and Ryan are still going strong, in the end I realized something being you even if you are the quiet nerd always pays off in the end.

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on Jul. 27 2012 at 7:04 am
Sarah021 SILVER, Salem, New Jersey
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"Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment"

Great story! Just a couple errors that need to be fixed. You used 'to' instead of 'two' and 'their' instead of 'there'


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