True Loves Fall

June 5, 2012
By Anonymous

“Annie, wake up.” My mom was attempting to wake me up. No use, I will not wake up especially for school. “Ann Marie Hathaway!” That was it, I was up. My mom walked away proud she woke the beast. So I brush the tangled mess some people call hair. I dress myself in a basic shorts and a t-shirt. I grab my stuff for school and snatch an apple on my way out. “Hay, are you ready for school?” My friend asked. In my opinion she was way too excited for school.

We reached school and walked into class as the bell rang. That’s when I saw him. Peter is a brown haired, tall, muscular, boy that is loved by every girl in school. I’ve seen him around last year but never really noticed how good he looks. I had an instant crush on him. But he acts like I’m just another friend of his. Class carries on just like any other but I didn’t care about class. I cared about one thing, Peter. “So you like Peter?” Christy asked way too loud. “No way” How had she figured it out? “You do, I saw the way you look at him.” Great I just figured out I liked him, now she knows.


“Dude, did you see the way Annie looked at you” Christian was talking to me but I was thinking about what we were doing this weekend. We were going to the beach in Miami from Orlando.” I think she likes you.” Christian will not be quiet about Annie. “Look, I think she’s nice but I don’t like her that way.” I actually really did. She was everything I could want in a girl. I just can’t let Christian know that. But I will ask her out when Christian isn’t around.


Science is the worst subject in the world. But thankfully the bell just rang and I’m out the door. Peter is standing right outside. He pulls me aside and just looks at me wanting to say something. “Do you want to go out with me?” This is it. He asked me out, it finally happened. I tried to keep my cool. “That would be great.” But it was the last period of the day and we had to leave. I was sad to leave him but I walked home anticipating Friday.


Friday came and left, as well as Saturday and Sunday. I was out the door and practically danced to school. Christy had to run to catch up to me “Did you hear?” She looked upset. “What?” “Peter died in a car wreck.” “That can’t be possible!” I started to cry now. “I’m so sorry, you two were perfect together.” I abruptly turned around and

The author's comments:
It was hard to put the feelings into words because I have never experienced them befor.

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