That moment

June 6, 2012
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His eyes, those gorgeous big brown eyes stare into mine. I feel plain, and out of place. He smiles, I smile and i don't know what to think. I wonder what they all think, as he stands by me, which almost kills me. I'd never thought it would actually happen, I mean I've rehearsed it time and time again in my head, never actually thinking that HE would be here, now. I feel my face flush, and see the color run into cheeks. I see his mouth move, but i hear nothing, only see those beautiful soft lips moving. He looks at me, with one of his signature looks, which of course makes my heart melt. I look into his eyes as he repeats what he's said. "I love you." I never once that that he would ever say those words, even in the four months that we had been dating. And now here they came, pouring out in a rushed moment. My throat goes dry, i can't think straight. I find myself looking at the floor, only to have his hand slowly push my chin up, making my eyes meet his again. "I love you too." His smile makes me wanna sing, my heart dances, and i know that he knows that i mean it.

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Allicat001 said...
Jun. 17, 2012 at 9:55 pm
This would be a great start to a larger story, I'd definitely read it if you turned it into something bigger.  The only thing I saw was that you could have elaborated a little bit more on what "one of his signature looks" actually looked like, maybe describing the look in his eyes or what his smile looked like.  Otherwise I loved this piece, great job:)
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