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My Sweet, Sweet Mornings

May 28, 2012
By warboy SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
warboy SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Every day, I wake up to see a bright sunny mornings; the sounds of the chirping birds, the roaring of the cars in the street, and to smell the bright colorful flowers. She was my coffee to my better day. But today, the weather was dark and stormy. The birds didn’t sing their choirs and it smelled like smokes of fire. It wasn’t even a rainy season where millions of raindrops exploded onto the dirty soils of the Earth. It was dark and scary as the mid-nights. A shock went upon my bones when the clouds lightened and thundered. The lightening disappeared my mornings to another planet. From that day on, I never saw her, for she was lost. She made it rain bullets of blood that were dropping from my heart. Every drop gone till my mornings were filled with black clouds. I saw the moon in the mornings and it was redder than the blood in my love. Or was that my heart that was orbiting the weightless space without gravity. My mornings were dead and fell like the pedals of the waterless rose. I hope one morning, I could see her, repuzzling my heart to where it belonged, I wished one morning, that the rose would be overflowing with pedals. I would love forever if I had my coffee like my usual mornings. I dream that I would have my sweet, loving sunny mornings replaced by the darkness of the light. If my mornings were there, I would never let it go or be replaced.

The author's comments:
No matter how much you hate love, you would always want it back.

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